Effacement And Dialation

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x - April 1

i am in 38th week of my pregnancy with my first baby..today my dr.told me that i am 50% effaced..does it mean that i am going to take full 40 weeks


Michelle - April 1

You never know. Usually you will go close to your due date ot maybe even a little over with your first child. Did they tell you how far dialated you were? That is a bigger sign of when you will go into labor. Good luck.


LH - April 2

You never know. I went 2 weeks 100% effaced and could only dialate to 2. I finally was induced at 39 weeks and then started to dialate as soon as water was broke.Everyone is different & will experience different things at different stages.Good luck-My daughter is at 37 weeks and is having preeclampsia symptoms that we are having to watch--any advice??


Michelle - April 4

Ive had preeclampsia with my first two pregnancies. I had no signs until I was 38 weeks with my first and the Doctors thought it best to induce my labor right then. With my second I was already in labor. I cant remember the medicine they hooked into my IV but it made me feel really hot and ichy. I hope it doesnt happen to me this time. Im 39 weeks now. Anyways, both of my children are healthy and I recovered too. Good luck to your daughter.


andrea - May 21

i am 50 % effaced and dialted to one. does that mean anything


Ema - June 8

Went to the doctors monday and i'm 80% eff. and 1cm dialated,does that mean i'll be goin gsoon i'm only 34 and 3 days has any on had this happen


Toya - June 9

There are no good indicators of when labor will start...only your baby knows! :) Like I told someone else, I was 20% effaced, 3cm dilated, and the hadn't even dropped yet when I went into labor. My baby didn't drop until a few minutes before my water broke.


Paige - June 10

I was checked at 34 weeks 6 days and was 2 cm and 80%. My doc said that was fine and that she'd see me as sceduled.


S - June 11

Im 38 weeks and 5 days now and my doctor hasnt told me anything. Unless i ask him, he doesnt tell me n e thing. When i walk i feel some pressure and ive been having some cramping but i dont think its braxton hicks because i dont feel any tightness. I asked the doc and he said "oh thats normal". He hasn't even done an internal to tell me how much I've dialated or effaced if i have at all. I asked him and he said that its not necessary to do that. I feel so lost and as if i dont know anything about whats going on with my body or my baby. This is my first pregnancy please help somone!!



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