Effacement And Dilation

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em31 - March 17

I'm 36 weeks and just returned from my ob appt. She says I'm 1 cm. and 60% effaced. I was 0 cm. and 0% one week ago. Does effacement usually continue at the same speed since it's already started? Has anyone been like this and had labor not start for several weeks?


claire - March 17

i have been 50% effaced and 0cm dialated for a week, and my dr said that if it's your first baby, you'll normally efface before dialation.. but everyone is different. there are women out there who walk around 2-4 cm dialated for 3 weeks.. it all just depends.


Danielleb - March 17

I was 2cm at 36weeks and 50% effaced with my second baby and every body said your going to go any time. I had my baby girl march 3, four days before my due date.


em31 - March 17

Thanks Claire. This is my second and I remember being 1 cm. a few weeks before delivering, but can't remember my effacement. I guess he'll come when he's ready! I was 3 cm. the day before I delivered with my first.


Sarah - March 17

It's different for everyone. I was 10cm and still waiting in the delivery room to become completely effaced. It didn't take long, but I found it kinda funny. With this baby I've been 4cm and 70% for over a week and I'm now 38w 2d. good luck!


sweavers - March 17

I really hate to be depressing, but with my second I was 4cm at 36 weeks, and I ended up being induced at the end of 41 weeks. He didn't seem like he was ever going to come out!


joeys mom - March 20

Yeah, I was 2 cm and 70% at 36 weeks and I was one week late.


Tab - March 20

Yeah i am 38 weeks pregnant and 2cm dialted and 50 % effaced. Last week i was 1cm and 50% effaced so it really depends on the person


HH - March 21

Hi everybody, quick question, what is effacement? I know dialation means how much your cervix has opened up (unless I'm wrong!). Thank you.


Rabbits07 - March 21

Effacement is how much the cervix has thinned out.


HH - March 21

Thank you Rabbits07for the answer. Another question, how is that related to delivery? The thinner your cervix is, the sooner it means you will deliver? Or what really. Thank you.


Amy - March 21

Hello. I am not a doctor or anything, but I have read and heard that effacement happens in order to help the cervix to dilate. With the effacement thinning the cervix, making it softer for dilation to occur. I am not really sure though. I hope I have helped and actually given the right answer. If not, someone please correct me. lol.


sparky - March 29

I am 2-3cm dilated and 60% effaced with no movement for 2 weeks. I am 36 weeks and there is really no way to determine when the actual delivery will take place. I reccommend long walks!


Daniella - March 29

Ok... I have a question... I went into the labor and delivery area to my hospital last week at 32w5d because I lost my mucus plug and was having horrible cramps. The doctor said its a bit early for me to be losing my mucus plug and kinda brushed me off. I told him it had to be... so he did an exam and his face changed real fast and he said, "Well, you are 1cm dilated, cervix is real soft and you definitely lost your plug" Then he said, "I hope you make it to 35 weeks" Well... I just turned 34 weeks now and have been having much more stronger braxton hicks contractions so I think my cervix might be at 2cm now. My next apt. isn't until April 6th (one week from now) and I will be 35 weeks. I went back to the doctor the next day after he seen me in labor and delivery and he told me that he's not so concerned that I am 1cm dilated right now, even though its still early.. but what concerns him is how soft my cervix is. He said, maybe if I've had a child before, but it shouldn't be this soft at 33 weeks and never giving birth before. ALso, when I first got pregnant the doctor said my cervix was text book perfect! It wasn't incomplete nor incompetent. So, I have no idea why I have already started dilated and effacing so soon. They tested me and no infections. The doctor said I will probably have him between 35-37 weeks.. but definitely not full term. I am wondering what my chances are that I could still go full term. I mean, I hear stories all the time of woman dilating and effacing AND losing the plug early and still going full term. Am I worried for nothing??


Daniella - March 29

Oh also... I know my exact date of conception (for it was only one day that month) So, I know I am not further than we think. Plus all the utlrasounds showed to match the exact date as well. There is no confusion on how far I am. I just can't belive this is happening at only 33 weeks. ANyone have anything similar??


SonicRose2003 - March 29

Hello daniella. I started losing my mucous plug at about 30 weeks. I did not start dilating though. I am still not dilated as of this past monday. I am 36 weeks going on 37 weeks this saturday. I have had more of the bh contractions as well, and even some severe pain but all is good. all is well. The only thing that is going on right now is, she has settled further down into my pelvis. she is head down for sure. The other day i had my back and whole stomach hurting that hurt to even breathe. But, everything was fine. I am not saying that you will not go into labor though. I am not a doctor. But, you could go into labor a few hours, few days or few weeks. Pregnancy labor is so unpredictable i have heard. But, if you start having any kind of pains that worry you, never hesitate to go in and get checked out. Even if you find out false alarm, it is always better safe then sorry. Plus, that is what the ob is there for. In pregnancy, you can never worry too much. My doc told me that. Best of luck to you and keep us informed ok? take care!!!!


Daniella - March 29

Thanks sonicrose- I thought you had to start dilating to lose the plug?? SInce your cervix would open to lose that plug.. anyhow, yea.. its not the loss of plug nor the dilation that really has my doctor concerned... just that my cervix is so soft and very thin. Like its almost gone.. he didn't give a % of how effaced it is.. but, he said almost all the way. I dont know how that is possible at 33 weeks.. but, he knows what he is talking about. I've felt my own cervix and it isn't hard at all like it was in the beginning. Funny thing is, I haven't even had s_x since my hubby is away for work. He wont be back until next week. He was so scared when I went to the L&D last week that he might miss the birth. SO, I am glad he has stuck so far. And who knows... maybe I will be like this for weeks to go. What did your mucus plug look like and did you lose the whole thing or some??



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