Eidural Injections

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aliciawatts1 - October 5

want to know side effects of epidural injections?


skylite - October 5

I don't know all the side affects but when I had it with my son, all I ended up getting was the shakes for about 10 minutes as if I was really cold, and my chin quivered, but that was it... Hope that helps a bit! GL


schreck - October 7

I've heard of people getting really bad headaches or migrains after and pushing for a really long time because they couldn't feel enough to push.


Krissy25 - October 7

My dh tells me i complained of a headach the next day but i don't remember saying that. I've heard it can cause a low grade fever sometimes. I got the shakes too but it wasn't bad.


lifescholar - October 9

There are lots of risks.... - lethargy in baby - nausea/vomiting - "epidural headache" after birth - stalled labour - ineffective contractions - maternal fever, shaking, etc. - allergic reaction in mother - ineffective pushing (increases risk of forceps-a__sisted birth or c-section) - prolonged 2nd stage of labour (pushing) - reduction in fetal heart rate - increase in maternal blood pressure If you really need an epidural, then the benefits will outweigh the risks. Otherwise, going without is the best plan of action.


Allisonc79 - October 9

I didn't feel any side effects just the numb feeling. I wasn't too concerned abt it b/c of the pain from labor and needing relief. I didn't get a headache or shivers, and if you do Tylonol can help that.


Allisonc79 - October 9

I could also still feel the pressure and knew when to push. You can get walking epidural which doesn't numb you completely. They can also read the monitor and tell you when your having a contraction and guide you through the pushing that way.


lifescholar - October 10

I had a good experience with it too, Allison. After 49 hours of labour, I was just so glad to be able to finally REST! lol I could feel the pressure once my son was down far enough, but I couldn't feel any pressure from the contractions. I had to do controlled pushing, which most women with epidurals do. Next time, I hope to have a natural water birth, which will make pushing MUCH easier!


mjvdec01 - October 13

I had great experience. It took away enough of the pain that I was able to concentrate on the baby and not the pain.


abriamiacadia - October 22

My epidural didnt work. I felt every push, every little movement my body made as i was pushing. I did have the shakes for about 3 hours afterwards though.


sahm2alaj - October 24

I had a great expirience with the epi. I didn't feel them administering it at all (well compared to my contractions it was a walk in the park!) Once it was almost time to push it started to wear off, but i insisted that they give me more. My husband coached me on when to push since i didn't feel any contractions and my son was out in about 3 pushes. Def going to have the epi again this time. In a few hours i was up and walking around like nothing had happened.



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