Elective C Section Anyone

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Olga - November 21

Hi, I am very seriously considering elective C Section. It's my first baby. Any thougths? Thanks!


Amber - November 21

I personally think that if you know all of the risks, (because there are many, just like with natural labor, just different) and what kind of recovery to expect, then it's totally up to you. Recovery isn't easy, but if you're prepared then go for it. I am also having an elective c-section. I would rather have a planned one than an emergency one. Just be prepared, because there are alot of psychos here, and I'm sure you're about to get completely slammed with people telling you why you shouldn't. Like I said though, as long as you know what all is involved - because trust me, it is nooo walk in the park - then do what you feel you need to do.


Kristen - November 21

I have never had a c section before. So don't know much about it. Labor was scary for me. i was only 18 when i had my first baby. i heard all these stories on how much it was going to hurt and all kinds of things. i'm now 21 and getting ready to have my 2nd baby. Having a natural Labor wasn't as bad as everyone made it out to be. only thing i had was some pain reliever toward the end to help me relax. my son was 8 lbs 4oz so i had a pretty big baby. i wont lie it did hurt. But now i don't even remember how much it did. so its almost going to be like a new thing for me again. and i'm going to be having another baby thats atleast 8lbs if not closer to 9. If the experince is what of a natural labor scares you if you been told how horrible and painful it is. if that is what is making you think of the c section. i just wanted to share with you that not all natural births are as bad as some put it to be. As Amber said it is your choose. you'll have the same result with either choose. you will still have a little baby. only difference will be is what goes on afterwards. Talk to your Dr. on what the differences all are and choose which is what you think will be best for you. I loved my labor exprience even though i was scared s***less at the time. For the fact i was younge and didn't know what to expect. This time i'm still a little scared cuz don't know how big for sure this kid will be. But for the most of it i'm Excited and Just can't wait. What makes it so exciting is that i get to meet my new baby boy. and just can't hardly wait anymore.


Olga - November 21

Thanks, Ladies. Well actually... I hear recovery from natural birth is no piece of cake either. I am worried b/c I am a single mom and won't have a birthing partner. Also, I am concerned b/c I have a family history of extremely difficult births. My grandma's blood vessels poped when she was giving birth, and her lower body turned completely blue! She almost pa__sed. I teared my mom terribly during birth... I don't want to go through this.


charlotte - November 22

Olga,have a look on the cesarean posts too,they will help.I had a c-section,and agree the elective one is easier than a emergency one would be.If you asked Marcie she'll tell you she had both and prefered the elective section than her v____al.I too was very pleased with my section.You say you do not have a birthing partner.With a section,I found the nurses very helpful,they will help you with the baby,and be so kind.If you want an elective section,you go for it,I did and if you can say "enjoy"I did enjoy the experience,no where near as bad as some women will tell you....it can't be that bad or else they would not be commen practice,nor have famous people choosing it.


Olga - November 22

Thanks to all who have replied... I am doing a lot of research and am still leaning towards a C-Section. Although, I have my doubts...


Shell - November 22

The thing is after a natural birth (I was cut big time) is you can walk around (shuffle at first) and you get ice to put in your maternity pads but you don't really notice it because you have a wonderful little baby to hold. In our maternity ward, the ladies who had C sections were wheeled in in their beds and couldn't even sit up. A natural birth hurts for sure, but its such an amazing feeling to feel the baby come out after all that hard work. And then its over and you have a shower and you feel soo proud. I think you have to do what is best for you and what's best is what you are most comfortable with...just don't be too afraid of natural birth, it has its advantages..


Jamie - November 23

I had a C-section in August after 24 hours of labor, and 2 hours of pushing. I'm now nearly 4 months post partum, and still can't move normally. If I strain or stress my abdominal muscles (i.e., lifting more than about 15 pounds), it sends a shooting pain all through my torso. I have lost ALL feeling across the skin where my scar is, and yet, underneath, in the muscle, hurts nearly every time I move. My doctor says that all this is completely normal, and that my scar is healing very well. I wanna smack him upside his head, because HE's not the one with a hideous red line across his abdomen, nor is he the one who is now dealing with incredible pain every time he lifts his now 15-pound baby. But, beyond that, I also feel as though I were robbed of a v____al delivery. I feel as though I were cheated out of the birthing process. Also, most doctors and hospitals like to say "once a C, always a C" - so, because I HAD to have a C-section with my first baby, I may not be allowed to ever have a v____al delivery. So, by all means, have your elective C section...but just be aware, that by choosing this surgery, your recovery might be much longer and harder than it would be from a v____al, and there's a good chance you'll never be *allowed* to give birth v____ally, even when your life situation has changed. It is your choice, but I just thought you should hear from someone who isn't going to gloss over the "joys" of a c-section. The only "joy" I got from mine was my daughter.


Olga - November 23

Jamie, may I aks where you had your daugher? I think it makes a tramendous difference. I am having a baby in a major Academic Medical Center with an MD who has performed hunderds of C-sections. I am sorry about your painful experience.


Jamie - November 23

My c-section was performed in Heidelberg, Germany, at the American military hospital - the biggest American hospital in Europe. It was performed by the OIC (Officer in Charge) of the OB/GYN clinic. So - he was definately qualified to perform the c-section. No matter how many c-sections a doctor has performed, it's no guarantee that yours will turn out the way you expect. Granted, mine was an emergency section, not planned; that might make a difference. But, I still have to wonder - are you really willing to commit to maybe never having a v____al delivery, and the possibility that all future children will have to be delivered by c-section? Because of something you choose to do now? It is your choice...but it's one that you can never change your mind about. You can never undo the scar; it'll always be there, right across your belly. Your abdominal muscles, which are designed to heal from a v____al delivery, will never return to how they were before they were cut. It is your choice - just be sure you know that it's not all rainbows and b___terflies on the other side of the operating room.


Michelle - November 23

I wish you the best of luck with your new little one to come Olga. I had an emergency c-section with my first baby. I couldn't be more proud. I was in labour over 20 hours and couldn't progress, so they preped me when I told them I wanted to see my baby. I am now going in for my second c-section in January. The first one I was completely out for, so I never got to hear her first cry, nor see what she looked like when she came out. This second one I will be awake for, getting an epidural. I am both excited and nervous. My scar from my first one has no pains, but is numb. I guess that it stays with you. It doesn't bother me though. It is worth it, just think of the little baby!! Best of luck and Congrats ahead of time!


Olga - November 23

thanks, Michelle, congrats to you as well. I am a bit worried about my abdominal muscles not getting in shape as I have always been proud of my flat muscular tummy. :) But i think if i work on it, i will get it back. what do you ladies think?


Jamie - November 24

Remember, your muscles get cut during a c-section. You are more likely to regain a flat tummy after a v____al delivery than after a c-section. Which is not to say it's impossible after a c-section.


marcie. - November 25

Thanks Charlotte for asking Olga to speak to me,I was just browsing this site.It is true,I have had both births.Olga,the v____al one was far worse.on't let people tel you that always a natural birth you recover quicker from.I was scared whilst prgnant,but thought the pain meds,I'd be fine,after all it is natural,people in other countries do not have the choice.It was the worst pain of my life.I thougt it could ot get any worse,and it did.At one point I felt like my legs were being ripped in two.The pain medication being offered did not really do anything,I was sick.Horrendous.To top all,they said at my next contraction they would do a small cut,I would not feel it....yes I did.They say when the baby is born the pain is gone.I was sore down there,and as its in a difficult place had not idea how bad,it hurt when I moved.In compara__sion,I said,I would never get pregnant again,unless I had a section.I did,athough anxious,what a difference,everything planned,felt no pain nor was I tired when the baby entered the world.The pain afterwards was manageable with the pain meds.No where near as bad.I could see the scar,saw it getting better,unlike my other cut.Even though this was a op,not a cut,it helped seeing it improving.You say you are worried about your muscles.an elective section,as I'm sure you know,is better than an emergency,the muscles where they can be,are stretched apart,not cut,certainly the two large muscles are not cut...not in my case,because it was elective,more time,easier recovery.I now have a flat tummy,and a scar that is hardly noticable.I really woyld recommend a section out of the two from my experience.


Sue - December 2

My first experience was a c-section. Unfortunately, the epidural did not work so I felt it all. It was 6 months until I was pain free and a year until I could feel my abdominal muscles. I still have some numbness (4.5 years later) With this pregnancy, my first response was a repeat c-section but now I am seriously considering a vbac. I was 17 hours into labour when I had my c-section. I have no doubt that a v____al delivery will hurt but I am certain the healing will be a lot faster.


Hmmm - December 3

You are going to go this alone at home and you think recovering from a SURGICAL birth will be the better option? I know a planned c-section determines what time you have your baby but it certainly doesn't make it easy by any stroke of the imagination. Unlike what Charlotte said, it certainly CAN BE AS BAD AS SOME WOMEN SAY..what are we, liars?.If Marcie's birth could be that bad so can c-sections. My goodness just because there are alot of c-sections doesn't mean there can't be horrible outcomes, there are a lot of v____al births too, more than c-sections and apparently there are plenty of horror stories about them so why not c-sections? I think you should be able to choose, but I feel you don't seem to know just how awful the complications can be from c-sections. At least I didn't see that come out in your posts. Some have good outcomes from unnecessary c-sections, some regret it for the rest of their lives. Some could take it or leave it.


Tara - December 3

I didn't know that you can choose to have a c-section, I thought you had to try v____al..I live in CA does that make a difference I wonder I also have an HMO so maybe that is why I don't get a choice...I wish I could choose a c-section...



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