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E - February 16

Is it true that its possible to shit on the table when in labor. This is something that embarasses the h__l out of me... My delivery date is fast approaching so just wondering if anyone could share their experiences with me. This is really stressing me out!


mira - February 17

yes, it is possible. It's not a big deal,though, because you won't notice and the nurses deal with all the time. (language please)


Maleficent - February 17

trust me, you wont care. you probably wont even notice. and the nurses see it about a hundred times a day. no one is going to react at all.


Re: - February 17

Also, they get rid of it so fast that you don't even know it was there- they are constantly cleaning and removing the sheets/paper down there throughout labor.


Donna - February 17

i think theres more important things to worry about...dont forget they see that everyday and you wont notice if you done it plus they take it away so fast its no big deal...i think your mind should be focused on other things then that


Tammy - February 17

I think it happens with most people.I had a enema in the early part of labour so I think that helps but trust me its the last thing on your mind when u r pushing out a baby.If anything it will be the best feeling in the world...lol Im sure the nurses have seen worse.


j - February 18

With both of mine I never poo-ed on the table. Its like my body went through what I call the "dumping stage" I puked and pooed for like 30 mins when I started labor. No poo-ing on the table for me


leslie - March 4



hi - March 6

I did but yu dont really care when it happens cause so much is going on and all you want to do is push the baby out.... of course with that much pressure down there somthing is bound to happen!


J - March 7

There is no way to prevent it even if you stop eating I had a huge cheeseburger the night my water broke and had to go straight to the hospital. When you start bearing down and pushing so hard you can't help what might come out. And also I don't know about any of you ladies but when I was in labor I felt like I had to poop. It is no big deal think of all the other stuff that is going to come out.


Kristen - March 12

I'm am pregnant with my second child, with my first I did have a bowel movement durring delivery. I kept appoligizing to my Dr. Finally he told me that it was quite alright. It wasn't the first time he saw it and it would not be the last. Honestly this time I don't care if I do, as long as this child is born soon, and healthy of course.


becky - August 24

i had my period about a month late and i just got my period this agust the 10 and im a regular i'll say about every 21 days i'll get my period and i don't take no birth control pill


I agree Mira - August 26

I think the language thing was very appropriate. I say those words, too, sometimes, but not so much I have to type them as well. It is just trashy.


anna - August 28

Oh, yes it is possible, I did it. you can't help it, and I was totally embarrased but the nurses said no big deal, it happens all the time and is normal. I only did it one time with my second child, the other two, I never did.


Jen - August 29

Yep, I did it. I had no control and at that moment did not care that much. I pooped like crazy when my labor started and thought everything was cleared out but I guess not.


Crystal - August 29

Yes, sometimes if you have enough time, they give you something to make you go while you are still able to be up and moving around. And on occasion, they will have you drink somethink so you won't vomit either. It is gross, but you really wouldn't even know unless they tell you.


relieved - August 29

I feel relieved after reading this. I was also wondering how common it was. I feel better now if it happens to me.



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