Embarrassing Amp Gross Question

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lolita - February 10

I was reading Jenny McCarthys Belly Laughs book and she was talking about how it possible to go poo when you are pushing to have the baby, do you think that is common, do they tell you if you did or do they just whisk it off without you knowing?


Selena - February 10

They just whisk it away and think nothing off it! Believe me, they have seen it all and a little poo is the last thing anyone is thinking about! You most likely won't even know it happened.


Tammy276 - February 11

it is more common than you think, woman just don't talk about it because they get embarra__sed by it....they whisk it away before you even know what happened..I know I did because I could feel her swiping it away and I asked her and she said, Oh No honey.......it was just some bloody show I was wiping away...yeah, right..I"m not dumb!! I'm glad I read belly laughs other wise I never would have know about it


mamaof3 - February 11

OMG that is so funny.. Most likely you will not even know and you most definitely won't feel it as there is SO much pressure down there from pushing baby. (TMI) this had happened to me with my second baby ( I had no clue) and my husband didn't even decide to tell me until my ds was almost a year old, it came up when we were watching someone give birth on t.v.


Smilefull - February 12

oh yeah very common. no one ever told me, then when I had my second I could kinda feel it---and a little whiff---and I was like "whoa, I'm sure I did it"--only later when I asked my hubby did he admit that it happened both times. It's really no big deal


lolita - February 12

Oh my gosh! I read smilefulls comment while I was at work and I seriously LOL, people at my work were looking at me like I was nuts! Thats too funny! Oh well, at least its common so its not that weird!


Smilefull - February 12

lolita, just the knowledge that I amused someone today has made mine.


Shannon - February 13

my mom did it, she told me. dh told me that i didn't poo when i delivered my first baby. but it happens, so i've heard. i hope it doesn't happen to me the second time either!


Melissa30 - February 13

My MIL told me that when she delivered my husband, she had a turd as long as the baby. She said she had a nurse grabbing the turd as the doctor was grabbing the baby. We like to joke with him and say he was born with a piece of sh**.


babii_boo91 - February 13

u dunt even no hun


cindernar - February 13

Melissa30, that is the most digusting and funniest story I've ever heard! Your family sounds like mine.


Krist - February 15

Ha ha! This was my one & only fear about labour! I have heard that it happens more than we think. I made sure that I was very regular leading upto my due date.


Prego#4 - February 16

I asked for an enema so it wouldn't happen LOL


flipthea - February 18

Who cares about the poo? Those medical personnel have seen it all :-). It's normal! That means ur pushing correctly.


jennibeeblue - February 18

I knew it was coming out, I kept yelling I gotta go I gotta go and they told me I just felt like I did....well I did go and they did their best to try and hide the fact so that I wasn't embarra__sed.


kvilendrer - February 20

They just took mine away and i didn't even know I did that! My dh told me a few days later and we had a good laugh about it!! It's nothing to worry about. For me, they were telling me to push like I was pooping. So if there is anything in there, it is going to come out.


mommywannabe - February 20

Hey ladies, I was laughing so hard at this I almost pee'd myself. LOL!! When I was preggo with DD the nurse kept asking me to come out of the restroom to hook me up to the monitors and c___p and I said she'll just have to wait, that I was cleansing the colon. LOL!! This was my only fear when I was preggo. LMFAO!! Good laughs.



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