Embarrassing But Have To Ask

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kayla_shauntel_05 - May 10

I am 37 weeks now and go to the doctor every week now. He does an internal exam now at every appointment. I shave my pubic area because I can not stand the hair. Does anyone else do this or am I just weird?


mom42 - May 10

i waxed when pregnant with my second daughter. i couldn't find anyone in my town to do it right before i was induced, so tried to shave a little, but couldn't see anything. no telling what things looked like down there!


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 10

I just like to feel clean in that area, and I think it will keep things a lot neater during delivery. I can't see over my belly, but I stand in front of the mirror on the bathroom door. I acutally do pretty good for not being able to see anything.


livdea - May 11

I shave too. I'm only 31 weeks and I've just started to wonder how in the heck I'm going to be able to see down there! It's getting REALLY HARD! LOL. I like to feel as clean as possible too...I don't think I can go without shaving!!! You are not weird...unless...I am weird too...then we can be weird together!


mayaB - May 11

I never thought I'd be writing this.. but my DH takes care of me under there for the time being.. It sounds terrible (I know!!) but he really enjoys it. At first I was super embara__sed but he's really okay and happy w/ his new task. How embara__sing... :( 39 weeks along here.. So he wont have to do it for much longer.


pbj - May 11

Well, it's a personal preference, but actually a little hair is cleaner during delivery. It used to be the norm to shave before delivery because they used to believe that hair harbored bacteria. The opposite is actually true, the hair keeps bacteria from entering the v____a, thus keeping out infection. Really it's a personal preference though.


Bonnie - May 11

I would have loved to have shaved but ummm....I couldn't reach :D


lindsay - May 12

i shave , and always did pre-preg anyways, but sometimes it look s like i did it with a b___ter knife, it is so patchy, LOL! takes me a long time to get it right...


ajs gurl - May 12

I am also 37 weeks pregnant and i still shave my pubic area,also. I feel more comfortable that way.


sa__sifras - May 12

I have a lot of friends that get brazilians right before they deliver so they are BARE, but I just shave.


kayla_shauntel_05 - May 13

I am 38 weeks now. I still manage to shave down there. I used nair on it a few times and it worked great.


1sttimemom - June 7

I have always shaved and trimmed down there but around the 6th month, that wasn't possible anymore because I couldn't see and I was afraid I'd cut myself. I found that by taping a hand mirror to the inside of the toilet seat, sitting backwards and using a men's beard trimmer (adjustable by length), the whole process goes rather smoothly. Good luck!


Steph - June 7

I'm 35 weeks and shave and trim via touch and feel method. It works for me even though I know it's not my best work!! :o)


Kira_lynn - June 9

wow, all that work! I'll trim a bit or dh will for me. I could care less what i look like down there. For dh's preference i trim, but i usually go au natural. I've had so many internal exams due to my stomach disease. Soo i dont even care anymore.


babysoon - June 14

I am 37 wks too and I suggest you don't shave yourself, at least to the skin. I let my husband trim me with an electric razor. It used to be the case they'd shave you at the hospital thinking they were making it all clean down there, but actually with the razor they were opening up little cuts and pores for bacteria to harbor in! So they were doing more harm than good. It's usually not a practice anymore. I'd just say trim yourself down there and keep it at that. good luck.


pinkbo0tlace - June 15

i love you guys! i shave too. im 16 weeks. im embara__sed though, do drs really care? haha


ashley - June 15

okay I tried getting waxed ONCE and it hurt like hell. How the heck do you you gals that do it stand the pain?



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