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IB - November 27

Are you planning on getting an enema?


Heja - November 27

I.m thinking about it. Anyone else?


Jen - November 27

Absolutely- I don't want to poop all over the doctor!


mama-beans - November 27

I didn't think that was something commonly done anymore?..... I didn't have one, ( and didn't poo during delivery either) To be honest, I would be more embara__sed to have the nurse insert a tube and some water up my bum and have a bowel movement in a bowl right in front of her then to have a tiny little poo when pushing my child out.. especially since no one but the doctor would even see it ( unless you used a mirror to watch the labor..and if you do, you will see many other things you may be embara__sed about other then poo..) I mean, not everyone poos on the table anyway.. and if you do, it is caused by your childs head pushing down on the colin and pinching one out when they are being born.. so it really isn't a big deal.


Christy - November 27

The earlier process of labor acts as an enema. I was up to the toilet half a dozen times as my labor progresed. Once I got the epidural, then I obviously couldn't go anymore, but I think most of it came it before then. Besides, once your contractions start going, you may not want an enema. Someone I know said she had to have one (hospital policy) with her second child, and she hated it because she thought she was going to push the kid out and because it was hard to manage the pain of the contractions along with uncontrollable pooping.


mel - November 30

Apparently it doesn't really make a difference - you can have one and still mess yourself and not have one and not mess yourself. My advice is don't - why make the process harder than it is? I pooped and it wasn't a big deal (although I was sooo stressed about it beforehand).


to Mama beans - December 2

You're not completely correct. It is a big deal for A LOT of womenl I have read on this web site many, many accounts of women pooping during labor. I think I would rather get it out of the way before my baby is born so as not to have to have to worry about it during contractions.


mama-beans - December 2

not completely correct about what?


mel - December 5

To "To mama beans" - I said it wasn't a big deal to me - that is COMPLETELY CORRECT. And what is also correct is that you can have an enema and still poop during labor so might go through the discomfort of the procedure and still poop.. did you miss my point?


Anna - December 8

I plan on having an enema just because I want to see what the experience is like, I also do not want to poo on the table as I prefer to do these things in the comfort of the toilet, or at least my local colon clinic. I have regular colonic irrigations (having water up your bum to clean all the poop out)


lisa - December 9

i didnt have one, my mum had to in those days, she said it was pretty degrading, id feel worse having a tube shoved up my a__s than just going natural and risking it


hmmm... - December 12

I though of having one at home (buy one from the store and have it ready) and doing it when I see that I'm going into labor before going to the hospital. Wouldn't that work? be better? What do you guys think?


Sarah-Natalees mama - December 12

I got one. I asked for it when I got to the hospital. I am so glad I did b/c I had to push very hard for over an hr. I would have been worring about having a bowel movement and not the pushing.


guest - December 12

sorry about the last post.... just nervous.. and the pregnancy horomones are kicking in :(



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