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R - March 18

Hi, I just took a hospital tour yesterday and I am 36 weeks along. All along I have planned to have an epidural but they told me that at this hospital they do not offer the epidural they have the spinal block instead. I am really worried because I know that the spinal block injection is a one time thing and what will happend if the medicine wears off before the baby even starts to come out. Anyone out there have any experience with the spinal block and how long it usually lasts I hear between 1-3 hours, I don't think that is enough time. Please reply back.


R - March 21

Anyone please answer.


maya - March 21

it makes it your body numb.


brucen - March 22

try another hospital if you would prefer the epidural.


Maleficent - March 23

if you strongly preffer the epidural i'd look into delivering at a different hospital. the spinal may be all you need to get you past the worst of things. alot of hospitals turn the epi off or turn it down for pushing anyways.


Shannon - March 23

I believe I had a spinal given to me when I went in to have my cerclage (cervical st_tch) put in. I couldn't feel my legs for almost three hours after the 15 minute procedure so it's not one of my favorite pain remedies but that's just me; last time i had an epidural the darn doc took his sweet time and needless to say i felt most of the birth of my daughter which wasn't pleasant. I would ask what other pain medications they can offer you and read up on at what points in your labor you can ask for them etc and then discuss this matter with your doc. Good luck.


Vanessa - March 27

Does the EPI hurt when they put it


VvV - March 30

Does the epidural hurt to put on


D - March 30

At our hospital, they wait until you are in the middle of a contraction to stick in the epidural. My friends who have had it say that you don't even notice it because of the timing.


Mari - March 30

I had the spinal block after 2 failed epidurals, it worked right away and numbed me from my waist down, i dont remember how long it lasted but as soon as i got it i was ready to push. Putting the epidural in did hurt, it hurt a lot for me, it felt like someone was picking at my spine and as if it was going to break.



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