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alwaysamber - May 10

What are your opinions of getting an Epidural? Did you have a good experiance?


juliawilkison - May 10

lol, good question. I had an epidural it made the pain go completely away (contractions) The pushing still hurts and you can still feel the baby coming out. In my opinion I would get one again. The only problem is I was considering not getting one because thats the worst memory I have of the birth of my daughter. Im 39 weeks tomorrow and Im going to get one even though I think that was the worst part. The contractions hurt like hell though and it made the pain stop. I was also induced though and I heard contractions feel worse when your induced.


mom42 - May 10

I decided before both births that I wasn't going tohave one and didn't. Also, having a great doula with the second birth saved me from it, because I REALLY wanted it!


Cher - May 12

With my first baby, I was induced and my epidural didn't work. With my second baby, I tried the epidural again. It took away all of the contraction pains and my delivery went smoothly. The nurses have to tell you when you are having a contraction and when it's time to push. You need to push the correct way to get the baby out. It kind of sounds gross, but you do the same pushing motion as if you are having a bowel movement. If you focus on that, it will progress your baby down faster. Good luck with your delivery...


yuneisy - May 17

i had one on with my first baby and it worked the only problem...i couldnt feel my legs for 24hrs after having the baby because the put too much, too late in labor... i had it again during my second pregnancy and it took the pain away put half of my body (including face) kind of got the effects too and that frick me out and put me to cry and think something was wrong.... not a good feeling, i don't want to have one this time but let's see cause i know contractions are bad and i have a feeling that if my delivery don't go fast and probably ask for one.... hope not!


holly_gail - May 18

I have had 3 back surgeries so I have a scar going from my neck to my b___t. My doc says that an epidoral can't be done because of the scar tissue. So I'm not sure what to do? What other kinds of pain relief can they do?


JEN - May 19

I had the best experience ever with my epidural- after I got it I went to sleep and dialated from a 3 to a 10, woke up and pushed for 20 minutes until my son was born. Honestly, it completely took away all of the pain in about 1 minute, and it was the best decision I ever made. However, you should consider all sides and opinions, as I am only one person. Good luck on your labor and delivery!


2StarsOnMyBack - May 24

i had one with my baby. it was great for the time it lasted... it wore off rather quickly though and felt soo much pain and pressure when my baby was getting ready to come, and i was ready to push... got about 3 more doses of it and i still felt pressure and discomfort. i didnt feel any pain as my baby's head was coming out, but felt every single st_tch i got. ouch.


2StarsOnMyBack - May 24

i could also feel every contraction at the end, i didnt have to get coached on when to push, just for how long because i did not know...


Been There - May 25

I think it all depends on each person. I was glad to have epidurals both times. The only things I didn't like were feeling like I had to urinate, but being unable to do so because I just couldn't control the muscle to make it work. And, my legs swelled up like big, bloated jelly rolls. Of course, it went away hours later. But the side effects were worth the comfort.


Bonnie - May 26

(((HUGS the anesthesiologist)))......Oh my, how I loved the epidural! The first time it did nothing, didn't take at all. They happily redid it for me...total heaven! It wore off twice (slowly) but they were quick to up the drip. I felt hardly anything. Could barely feel the contractions. ZERO pain. Was chatting away with my family at 10 cm!


ahemann99 - May 26

no offense, but why would you not want to feel anything when having a baby? I am 25 weeks pregnant and not planning on having an epidural, and while I am a little nervous about it, I think for me I would rather be in some discomfort rather than not feeling anything at all... but who knows i guess


alwaysamber - May 26

Women I am sure do it for the comfort because they are in a lot of pain. Every woman is different with how they deal with it and there pain tolerance. Lots of times you still feel it coming out but helps with contractions and extra pain.


Been There - May 26

Ahemann99, I'm not sure what it is you want to feel or what it is you think is being missed because of having the pain be eased. Foregoing the pain of the contractions does not lessen the experience of childbirth. And for people who have had to endure long hours of pain, an epidural is a relief from suffering. It's not that you feel nothing at all, you just aren't in so much pain. You still feel the contractions, you still feel you need to push, it's just easier to deal with when you aren't so exhausted from trying to breathe through each contraction when you barely get a 1-2 minute break between the finish of one and start of the next. So, it just really depends on your situation, tolerance for pain and personal preference about the use of medication. Please also remember that some people have actually gone through hours of painful labor before even being allowed the epidural. Being so tired, you are happy for the relief. I give you credit for being determined to make it through without the epidural because it is how you want to experience your child's birth. Best wishes to you.


annie24 - May 29

ahemann99 im just wondering is this your first pregnancy?? Anyway alwaysamber i had an epidural when i was 6cm had 25hour labour and it was a pleasure.didnt hurt a bit getting it done and am 15weeks pregnant now and will defo be getting it again.its all down to the individual and make sure when you discuss this with anyone that no one makes you feel like you are any less of a person for considering it over a 'natural birth' each to their own.good luck!!!!


MICHELLE05 - July 30

i always said that i would never get an epidural but guess what i was in so much pain when i was in labor i had to get the epidural i got induced but let me tell you that after i got it i felt like i was in heaven i was in so much pain i wanted anything to make me feel better but yeah it's really up to u to get the epidural..... just so that you know when getting induced i think that contractions are much worse then a regular labor.....


alwaysamber - July 30

Thank you all for your responses. I am planning on getting one! Did any of you get sick from the Epidural?



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