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Kennas Mommy - August 29

My epidrual experience was GREAT! All I felt was the numbing shot and that was NOTHING... and the epidural worked great, I felt no pain even during the pushing part...it was AMAZING! I could still move my legs even when I did have it, but I know that's not usual. It wore off after I had her and everything was fine. I did throw up, but I'm not sure if it was from the epidural or the demerol I had before the epidural. I would definitely recommend it, I know it doesn't work the same for everyone but I would at least give it a try!


Tanisha - August 31

I am pregnant for the third time and I have been afraid of the epidural. For some reason getting a needle stuck in my spine scares me. Also, I hear of stories of women who have had epidurals who now complain of back problems. I just mentally prepared myself that i have no choice but to tolerate the pain that goes along with childbirth. To me it was tolerable. Just keep telling yourself that women do this everyday and survive. Also, the bad contractions will last about 90 seconds and in between contractions there's no pain. Remember, women are strong. Good Luck.


iimsooflyx0 - September 3

I am SOO for the epidural! It's AMAZING... it seriously takes ALL the pain away.. I cant imagine being in the pain I was in before I got it for soo long!! I couldnt even feel when I was having a contraction until I was ready to push then it was just alot of pressure but no pain


Kathleen - September 5

I wasn't going to get one, but things changed after a few hours of labor!!! I ended up getting 5 different ones because they wouldn't go in right. But guess what? IT WAS WORTH IT!!!! It made the whole experience pain free. But I will tell you that I'll try to go with out one for the next baby.....


bekysu - September 7

I absolutely loved my epidural. I would like to have one once a month just to relax my body. I went to 6 c. dilated then had it and didn't feel anything. Strangely, I could feel my daughter come out but did not have even a tinge of pain.


San - September 8

Baby #1 epidural was the greatest thing ever...didn't completely numb me(enough to do the trick though), I had enough control over pushing and she was out in 15 mins. Baby #2 epidural didn't take at all. I was told that it wasn't guaranteed but I laughed and said I had it before with no problem. Yup, karma got me : )


Emmie - September 11

I dont think I would get an epidural again. I had one and my son is know 4 1/2 monthes old and I still have awful back pain from it-sometimes I cant even pick up my son. Also when I went into the hopsital I was 8 cm dialated and 90% effaed and they told me it would only be an hour or so before the baby was born but after the epidural went in my contractions stopped and they could not get them started for a while and I ended up being there for 10 hours. I will probably not get an epidural again. I think I would rather have 1 or 2 days of labor pain than 4 monthes of back problems.


NKL724 - September 16

My mom told me that if you move while they put it in, you can get paralyzed. I've known many people who have gotten it.. but this kind of scares me. Has there been any cases like this recently?


Smilefull - September 16

there's a 1/1000 chance of paralysis---0.001% and a 1/100000 chance of death (0.00001%)---the anasteceologist (sp?) informed me right before giving me the epidural---frankly, they could've told me I had a 1/5 chance of dying and I would've told them to go ahead.


Olivene - September 21

I had one before an emergency c-section. The pain just stopped- it was such a relief. It was a little painful getting it started, but nothing too terrible. I think it was okay and I had been very much against getting one.



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