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nervous!!!!!!!!!!! - October 12

When you have an epidural, do you still feel pain when you push the baby out? Does the epidural make you throw up or nauseas? How soon will they give you an epidural when you are in labor? Thanks in advance!!


sian - October 12

i had an epidural with my 1st.in total i was in labour for 36 hrs with her and i had the epidural at about 4-5 cm dilated.i never felt the urge to push nor did i feel any sort of pain while pushing, although the contractions where still felt on one side of my body.i did tear though i dont know if that was because of the epidural or not.i didnt feel sick or anything until after my daughter was born and i got up to have a shower. my legs were very shakey and i felt a bit dizzy and nauseas then. i hope this helps you a bit!


Ashlie - October 12

I had an epidural with my first son and I didnt have any pain at all, couldnt even feel when they would check me, I actually slept most of my labor and I was in full b__wn labor for 9hrs, I do believe they will give you an epidural as soon as you ask for it but they usually wait til your into full labor because before then they usually want you up and walking around, but I think you have to be at least 4cm dialated to get an epidural. And for the nausea, I threw up twice, once right after I got the epidural but that was because my stomach was soo upset from contractions and then I threw up once while I was pushing but its perfectly normal. 3 of the girls I know that had epidurals threw up but we dont really know if it was from the epidural or from being in labor and pushing.. I had 3-4th degree tearing so it was a good thing that I got an epidural, thats also something to concider. :)


Kristy - October 12

Hi, I had a epidural with my first son and didnt feel a thing It didnt even hurt pushing him out, I was in labor about 12 hrs got Lucky with him, My second son had the epidural and helped for a lil bit but when it came to pushing it hurt real bad, my nurse wasnt as good with him though they didnt keep me numb ....... I didnt get sick or nothing felt alot better with both until pushing with the 2nd.. Good Luck....


nervous - October 13

thanks for your stories. its funny bc you can read all the scientifid evidence and books you want about this stuff but its just not the same as hearing it from a woman whos actually been through it! Please share your stories for us newbie scaredy cats! Thanks so much!!!


klarajoy - October 16

I had an epidural with my first cause I was up all night laboring and was totally exhausted. For me, I didnt ger nausea (never do for anything) and the total pain relief only lasted like several hours. After that I could feel them. When it came to pushing I hated it, cause I couldnt feel a thing. I felt like I was popping blood vessels on nothing. Get it? Like using all your effort and not feeling the result. And i got hypothermia too, turned blue and purple and didnt even want to touch my baby cause my hands were grey and blue. Natural is best. And dont think of it as pain, think of it as a process. Listen to it, and its not as hard. Just tiring, but isnt the it miraculous?


Lissi - October 18

I felt pain occasional pain on my left side, but they gave me a top up and it went away. They let it wear off a little when it was time for me to push and I felt no pain, just a slight sensation of the head coming out and I could barely tell when I was having a contraction. The only time it hurt was when they pulled the body out, but it was very quick and nothing compared to real labor pains. I went through 20 hours of pain and tears before I agreed to an epidural, and it was unbearable. The epidural is a wonderful invention and I would have gone crazy without it in those last few hours.



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