Epidural Headache

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mandee25 - May 28

Has anyone here had an epidural head ache afterwards? What are the chances of getting one? I would really like to use this type of pain relief if possible. Thanks......


KellynJ - May 29

I know a girl in my town who took the epidural with the three of her kids, with one of them she had gotten severe headaces, she told me it was because of getting an air bubble from the shot. Im not sure if that is 100%true. But with my first i had one because i was too early and in labor for 3 dayz from them trying to stop it, but the doctor told my hubby (he was worried of me getting one) that through his experince he has never seen any one go bad because of it.


HannahBaby - May 29

My Mom had to get c-sections and got a really bad headache (couldent sit up for a week) with all of them. I worked on a maternity floor and the obs said that they havent seen one in prolly 10 years becasue the needle is smaller and the proceedure is much different. They are very uncommon now but not unheard of. Because of my mom i pa__sed on the epidural, i was too scared of not being able to enjoy my baby


lindsay - May 29

YES!!! unfortunately, i have had one of these... and let me tell you as a migraine sufferer, it was SOOO horrible! i had the spinal headache for about 1 week and a couple of days, and i was even taking percocet, which didn't even touch the pain... it really sucked because i also had low blood pressure and crazy-itchy hives, also side effectsof the epi, and all of this was on top of a normal v____al recovery of which i had a second degree episiotomy for!! i was basically incapacitated for over 2 weeks and could barely take care of my new baby... i'm not telling you this to scare you, i'm just being honest... the actual epidural itself was great, and if i wasn't worried about the aftermath, i would do it again, but am avoiding it at all costs this time around!! i think i will have to feel as if i have lost all control of myself to even consider one!! one thing is that a blood patch can be performed to fix this problem, something i didn't evevn know existed untill way after the headache finally subsided. IF for any reason i have to get another epi and i even have a hint of a headache this time, i think i will demand a bloodpatch or i will not leave the hospital!!! good luck, and by th eway, i have never come across anyone else who has had this, not even my mom and sister, who both also suffer from migraines, so i don't think it's a "pre-diposed" kind of thing... to my understanding, the headache is from a small leak of fluid from the catheter sight...


mandee25 - May 31

Thanks for responding ladies and happy, healthy pregnancies!


J - June 3

I had a spinal headache for 9 days. It was awful, I couldn't sit up. In hindsight I should have gotten a bloodpatch.



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