Epidural Headache

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aliciavr6 - March 12

Okay ladies, up until now I was gung ho about an epidural, and just read it can cause a horrible headache. This really worries me because when I get a headache, I can barely do anything let alone deliver a baby! I guess I'm hoping a ton of women post saying they didn't get a headache or that it's not very common. :) Should I worry about that?


Tammy276 - March 12

I had the epidural and never got a headache.....it was pure bliss for me :)


aliciavr6 - March 12

Everyone I know who has gone through labor recently says they are awesome and I just read that the chances of an epidural headache is less than 1% - woohoo. Also, I guess they don't come until after labor, that's the main thing I was worried about.


Lovedblessings - March 12

Aliciavr6 Like Tammy276 I had an epidural and no headache here. No pain, very easy delivery!


Selena - March 12

I have had 2 epidural (most recent a week agao) and no headaches for me! Pure heaven!


tbsbaby - March 12

I unfortunetly had the experience of an epi headache....however the doctors did tell me that it was VERY rare. It is a bad headache I'm not going to lie, it kills but the doctors and nurses were very helpful for me and it only lasted one night and one day. Honestly I wouldn't worry though they told me even my chances of having another would be next to none.


cindernar - March 13

No headache here either.


aliciavr6 - March 13

tbs - did you get the blood patch thing done or did it go away on its own? Man, I can't handle normal headaches let alone something like that, but I guess it's not so bad that it (supposedly) goes away completely when you are laying down. I had a dream last night, my labor was about 5 minutes long and didn't hurt at all... ahhh to dream. :)


sahmof3 - March 13

I had an epidural with my 1st and a spinal (scheduled c-section) with my 2nd and I didn't get a headache either time ;-)


Cevvin - March 14

aliciavr6 the only thing i am worried about with the epidural is the headache. while i was in for a gel the other morning, the anethesioligist was down giving another lady one and my nurse asked if he would come talk to me. He said, when i do the epidural they can tell you the chance that you'll get a head ache by seeing if its a wet tap. But like i see in one of your posts here that you know about the blood patch. So they have a way to make it better. Good Luck


tbsbaby - March 15

When I had my epi headache it was the worst when I sat up. I had to take motrin and then Tylonal 3 to get rid of it. The worst part about it was the inability to sit up... so basically I didn't even get to see or hold my new baby for a day. Other then the pain relivers I didn't have to take anything else for it...hope this helps


julie316 - March 15

It was bliss for me also.. I was so thankful I wanted to kiss the doc that gave it to me.. no headaches here.. Every so often I get a stiff back .. kind of where I got it but still it was worth it..


lunamoo - March 16

Maybe you should look into the effects an epidural and its likely consequences (oxytocin IV, c-section, trouble b___st feeding, dopiness, jandice) can have on your baby...I was coherced into an epidural my last birth and I am sure it lead to 4 of the above consequences I listed above. I am due in 2 weeks and having a homebirth. I will certainally post if there was a difference : )


Mommy_to_be - March 16

In defense of epidurals (1st, I did not want one, but had to be induced so b/c of the harsh contractions that pitocin brings, an epidural was recommended)...I did have an epidural and it did not make me "loopy"; I had no trouble b___stfeeding - this was my first baby and I am still exclusively b___stfeeding 4 months later...no formula given ever! ; is doesn't lead to c-sec....usually those who end up in c-sec do so bc of problems (big baby, small pelvis, cord tight around baby's neck, etc) that occur regardless of birth methods...and if you have an epidural they turn it down when you push so you can feel it. I had an epi and had no prob pushing...my dd was out in less than a half an hour. You do have to have an IV to keep your blood pressure from dropping...and sometimes it can slow labor. The headache is uncommon and usually is a side effect that occurs after the birth, not during. I loved my epidural and childbirth experience and have no regrets.


melissap - March 21

Never got a headache at all!! Good LUck with your delivery.


aliciavr6 - March 27

Thank you everyone!! Sounds pretty rare, not quite as worried. Lunamoo - I am already familiar with those possible side effects and I am willing to take the risk.


lindsay - March 27

i had a spinal headache after my epi w/ my 1st child that lasted a week and incapacitated me to the point i could barely take care of my newborn. i was prescribed percocet, but it did nothing for the pain( i am a migraine sufferer and this was worse.also--i had no idea they could do a blood patch, it was never offered .) it was so bad for me i refused the epidural at my second birth, and also for the emergency d&c that i needed following delivery...i made them put me under general anesthesia. my husband has since has a vasectomy, but if i would ever happen to get pregnant again, i will never have another epidural...a few hours of pain and good recovery is far more worth it to me than the other way around!!!!



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