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millerchic - November 22

i've had three natural birth babies and im also 37 weeks pregnant thinking about having an epidural, i really want the epidural but im scarred something may go wronge, any suggestions?


jenna32 - November 23

i've read any side effects from epidurals are very rare..After 3 natural births i say you deserve a little pain relief this time!


alirenee86 - November 25

I just had my first baby and did it natural. Though I'm SO glad I wound put making it through without one, I would definately get an epidural next time. I feel at least I know now what it feels like to push and to have the contractions so I'll know what to do with an epidural in me. I had a very quick labor and still don't know that I could ever deal with any longer without any drugs in me again though I'm so glad I didn't have one with my first. I'm nervous about something going wrong too, but I believe it is pretty rare, they do them ALL the time. NOt that that makes it fool proof, but if you don't think you can deal with it again naturally, get one. Then again, you've had 3 which shows to me you most definately can deal without one. Feel it out as you go!


angeev - November 25

I made the mistake of finding out too much information about the epi. I had major fears but did it and things went fine. I felt cold and shivered real bad but that was it.


cattac - November 25

I had one with both my pregnancies and was trying on going without this one...not because I had a bad experience I just wanted to try to go it "alone"...anyway, the first time I was too numb and couldn't feel a thing (You may think that sounds great but no...not even pressure and didn't know how to push). The second time around last october the anesthesiologist told me I needed to feel pressure and I should still be able to lift my legs and if I could not do that then to call him and he'd lower it. He did it PERFECTLY. I could feel pressure, I knew when to push and I could still lift my own legs and I knew HOW to push (obviously very important). If you haven't had one and dont want another natural birth then I'd recommend one. Just dont get too numb. If you do let the dr know. Anyway, both experiences were good the second one eing great.


Faye84 - November 27

I had an epidural on my last pregnancy and I loved it. Nothing went wrong. The needle didnt even hurt. I was very pleased with it. I was able to push fine, the only thing that i was unable to do was hold my legs up, but that wasnt a big deal, my husband grabbed one and the nurse grabbed the other.


Faye84 - November 27

You can still feel the pressure, no ddoubt about that. I thought she was going to fall out of me.



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