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alirenee86 - March 16

I know I've been on hnere before looking for input on this. I had my first last November without one in a hospital. I probably had the easiest, shortest labor process and it still hurt like crazy, but i was so glad I did it without one. Well, now I'm pregnant again and can't stand the thought of my labor being any longer than that without one, and know I would like one this time, especially now that I know how to 'push'. My question is this...if your contractions start before you get to the hospital and so your moving around from the contractions, how hard is it to get the epidural??? I know you can get them up until the last minutes practically, but can anyone tell me how far along they were when they got an epi and if it hurts or what the deal is with them????? Please?????????? I don't know why the heck I have it stuck in my head that I'm so scared of it but I just am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyone that can please give me the lo down on the administration of it and how it feels would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!


Gemini_Girl - March 16

Hey! I was induced so got the epidural really early on, as I had made up my mind I was going to have one and thought Id better grab the anethetist whilst they were available! Anyway its not sore, although a little awkward as you need to sit forward with your chin and shoulders slouched and curve your spine out the way, they give you an aesthetic which numbs the area then you just feel a bit of pressure, no pain but you can take the gas and air if need be, then they strap the tube to your shoulder and thats it! You can have top ups every 4 hours to a maximum of 4 I think I had all 4, my labor lasted 22 hours! And by the way although it took away my contraction pain, the pressure pain in my back was still unbearable! GL :)


E586467 - March 16

I never had one with both my labours because I liked the idea of being able to move around and have some control over the labour process. However I have a friend who had one and liked it because she didn't feel any pain. The thing she didn't like about it was being stuck in bed which slowed her labour & then having to have an episiotomy and the baby being forceped out because she couldn't' push hard enough. From what I learned during the birth cla__ses and from what I've read, an epidural does such a good job of numbing the area that it can prevent you from being able to PUSH properly even if you know how, as you don't have the same control over your muscles as you normally would. If you want to get all the in and outs of it talk to your doctor/midwife at your next app & they will fill you in on the pros and cons of having one.


mjvdec01 - March 16

I was induced with my first and will be with this baby as well. I got my epidural at 4cm and it was truly painless. I just told the anesthesiologist that I would follow his instruction and not move. I didn't want to know what he was doing. All I remember is the cold feeling when he put the betadine on the area to sterilize it. Don't worry about the epidural, it will be the least memorable event of your labor and it does not hurt.


mjvdec01 - March 16

... also, my epidural did not numb me completely, so I was able to push effectively. Talk to the ansethesiologist about it when he comes in the room. I know there is also something called a "walking epidural", I would ask about that too.


alirenee86 - March 17

Yeah, I've heard about the walking epi but I don't think most hospitals use or offer it. The last hospital I used did not when I asked about it. I have heard that you can control the amount of stuff going into you for pain relief with a b___ton and would most definately be interested in just getting the lowest amount so that I can still feel the pushing. I don't mind a little pain still and don't have to be totally painless if it means a quicker labor and pushing process. I just need something to to take that crazy edge off! Part of me thinks I can do it again without one and part of me thinks, why do that if I can just be more comfortable. It's more the needle going into my spine that scares me!! I saw a bad Dateline episode on tv once with one that went bad and though I know it's totally totally rare, it stayed in my head! I think it's one of those things, if I read more or learn more about it, I'll be fine. Thanks for all the input! Every doctor definately says to do it. It's so common, there's nothing dangerous or risky about it really. I want to definately feel the pushing. It was the very last moments of contractions right before I felt the urge to push for the first time that almost drove me up the wall.


mjvdec01 - March 17

If the walking epidural is the one that you control with the b___ton, then that is what I had. I think I could push the b___ton up to 4 times in an hour, but I'm not positive on that. I wasn't given a choice though, it's just what they did.


J.J. - March 17

I agree that the epi is the least memorable part of your labor...if you can handle getting a shot, you can handle this. Just don't think about it so much!! I had it w/both births. My first labor was pretty miserable even w/the epi (several hours of pushing and baby was vacuumed out)...the epi was not blamed for the difficulty....apparently I'm built small... So I was scared sh*%less for the 2nd time but everyone swore it would be easier. I refused to believe but they were right! I would go as far to say w/the epidural, my second labor was a pleasant experience. It was much faster, less painful, no vac, minimal tearing, quicker recovery. Bottom line, it's still "labor" but there's no reason why you HAVE to go thru the pain of a natural labor.


mjvdec01 - March 17

Once the epidural is in place they secure it very well. I moved all over the place, flipping from side to side, sitting up, laying back... no problems at all. As far as the epidural causing a problem with your spine, the placement is down too low for that to be a factor. Of all of my girlfriends with kids, only one got a spinal headache, but as soon as they did the blood patch (about 5 minutes) it was gone. The epidural is really no big deal and it gives you the opportunity to enjoy the birth of your child instead of focusing on this emmense pain. Don't read the horror stories, they will just scare you. There are horror stories to go along with anything in life. Good luck with whatever you choose.


alirenee86 - March 18

mjvdec1- I meant moving around for the actual administration of the needle into your spine...what if a contraction makes you move while they're inserting it?? That's what scares me most...they say you have to be totally still.


justinsbaby - March 18

I was having contractions while they inserted mine. He'll wait and let you get through it before he continues. I've had two, and I would recomend them. I had no trouble pushing at all and had fairly quick and easy births with little to no pain. And I was still able to move my legs and push just fine. (I wasn't sturdy enough to walk until about an hour after birth.) I think if you have went through birth with no epi, then actually getting the epi would be a breeze. Good luck!


J.J. - March 18

Look, if you're all but certain that this baby will be born super fast, and you're anti-epidural, then skip it. But i wouldn't skip it b/c of all the horrible things you've read about it. Honestly, look up ANYTHING, and you'll find at least one adverse reaction. For ex, aspirin...serious side effects include stomach bleeding and kidney failure, but zillions of people still take it for headaches (obviously, i'm talking about normal, non pregnant people!). As for the moving around part, you only need to stay still for 5-10 seconds, when the anesthesiologist says, "please stay still for a moment." If you could handle labor w/out an epi, you can handle that! (especially if it's in between contractions). there's NO need to freak out. Whatever you choose will be fine. Honestly.


amyf1977 - March 18

I had an epidural when I was only 3 cm dilated as my first part of labor was 2 days long! I was sooo tired... but dont we all...anyway, epidural it is not a big deal dont worry. No pain whatsoever. Yes, it is a bit awkward the position you have to a__sume to get it but it only last a few seconds and it's totally worth it! I had the mobile one and I could still feel the contractions (without feeling the pain of course) and kept getting up and go peeing by myself. Also there are not low down. Some believe they get very bad back ache afterwards but that is down to pushing in the wrong way etc. If you have one done just remember to move frequently as most times back ache comes from staying in the same position for too long. Good luck darling and dont worry! You've done this already and naturally!!! Epidural cant be more painful than that!!!


J.J. - March 18

I should add that I was having contractions both times i got the epidural, but i was in much more pain the first time around (second time i got it earlier). Anyway, despite major discomfort, i was able to sit still for 5 seconds.


mjvdec01 - March 18

Yeah, don't worry about the administration, the anesthesiologist will wait until the contraction subsides if you need him to. My advice, get the epidural and enjoy your delivery. Why do it with that much pain if you have the option for some relief?


alirenee86 - March 21

I know, I know. I'm generally not a worry wart like that at all. Again, it's the whole idea of it going inot your spine. It just seems like such a major fragile area that is just one of the life lines to your whole body! I would much prefer to enjoy it more with pain relief, I got a shot of Demerol with the first and it did absolutely nothing from all my adrenalyne. It's not that I'm against pain relief, I'm just a wreck about the idea of a huge needle going into my spine! I think it was that Dateline NBC episode I saw that scared the c___p out of me even though what happened was completely rare. My way around this is that I did it once already, I have a high tolerance for pain and I think that might be more bearable for me than the idea that something could go wrong with the needle going in my spine. God, I know I must sound like SUCH a wimp but then they're monitoring the blood pressure the epi could effect, the heart beat, just a cascade of things JUST to watch the effects of the epi when I could just be screaming and getting the baby out. I don't know. I guess when the time comes I'll know what to do. The worst part of the pain was the last couple of contractions right before I was ready to push, then out he came. Other than punching my husband in the process, I could manage the pain otherwise. If the epi didn't go in your spine I wouldn't think twice about getting it!


filly06 - April 7

had my epidural at 4 cm...and it took 6 hours of labor to get there...they said I had to wait until I was 4 cm before they would give it to me....so you should be fine. ;) Good luck!



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