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savy - March 5

I've read about some of the risks of epidurals, but I wanted to hear about other women's experiences with them. I'm due in 3 weeks and I'm trying to make a decision on what to do.


missycc4 - March 5

My sister had 3 epis and she complains about back pain but then my sister-in-law had one and she's fine with no back pain. I had all my natural so I don't know what its like. I can't get over the fact of a BIG niddle going into my back. You can also get a realy back headache from the epi after they take it out but like I said I've never had one.


Tammy276 - March 5

I had the epidural w/ my son and it was GREAT!! I didn't have any side effects from it......I plan on getting one again this time if needed


freebird - March 5

I had one too, I loved it. No bad effects from it, the needle didn't even hurt as much as i thought it would. It was just a little pinch and I was scared stiff from all the horror stories I had heard. After it was over, I was like "That's it??" I had no pain at all.


Smilefull - March 6

**HEAVEN****warm fuzzies like you get when you just got out a nice warm bath. I'm a big advocate for the epidural. My first it allowed me to really focus on the pushing--not freak out about tearing etc. Although ladies tell me no one cares about tearing they just want the babe out---For my second I had one again and would not change a thing.


tbsbaby - March 6

I had an epidural with my last little girl as they were prepping me for a c-section. In the end I wound up having her without the surgury and hated the epidural - I couldn't feel anything and when they told me to push I'm going "push what???". I also was one of the few people that got the epidural headache afterwards - it's rare but the most painful headache you'll ever get - so personally I wouldn't get another one...


sahmof3 - March 6

I had an epi while in labor with my oldest... it was GREAT! I could feel my legs and it wasn't too bad (I wasn't allowed to walk around, though). When they eventually decided to do a c-section they put more meds in and I became totally numb. I then had a spinal with my 2nd child. Neither one was a painful insert to me and I didn't have any complications. I was under general anesthesia for my 3rd child's birth, so I had none of the above with him lol.


lunamoo - March 7

Not only are there inherent risks to your baby and you when you have an epidural, having one completely messes up your natural birthing process!!! Do some research on what it does, but imagine that you and your baby are stimulated by your natural production on hormones which aides the baby and you during the birth process, then suddenly you intervene (put up a big DAM) and stop everything. You then become at the mercy of all other interventions such as IVs with various drugs and your risk of a c-section or vacuum birth is greatly heightened! I strongly believe that the VAST majority of women are able and capable of being just the way god created us, and giving natural birth....let us not forget that we have been doing this for millions of years! And it is only the last few generations that us woman have been brain washed into feeling as if we are "sick" or "abnormal" whilst pregnant and giving birth and that we NEED doctors and their medicine to intervene in order to give birth. If you are mentally, and emotionally prepared for birth and you understand the process your body goes through, you will have a respect and not a fear of birth. Talk to some woman who have had home births, their stories are so beautiful, empowering and encouraging! We women are blessed!!! Good luck!


cindernar - March 7

I had a not-so-great experience, but I'll probably still get one this time. One side of my body seems to go numb, as well as the bottom half of me. (I've had this happen twice.) Changing positions seemed to stave it off last time, though. Also, I didn't like the fact that I was completely numb and that I couldn't feel what I was pushing. However, my doc says that now I can control how numb I am with a b___ton. I plan on just doing enough to take the edge off now. More power to women who go without it or who do it at home. I guess after losing my first two babies, I'm just gunshy. If something goes wrong, I want a doctor there ASAP to make sure my baby lives. There's a reason so many babies and mothers died during birth in the old days. Good luck with your decision!


tinkri - March 7

I do not agree with lunamoo. I have given birth 3 times...2 completely natural and the last one with an epi. I was 10 years younger with my first 2 than I was this time. I felt physically and emotionally better able to handle the pain with the first 2. This time I went in hoping to go natural again, but could not focus and stay in control at 5 cm. At 5cm I got the epidural and it did not slow and anything down. In fact the opposite was true (as in many epidural deliveries). I was able to relax and went from 5-10cm in 3 hours. I was able to feel my legs, shift positions in the bed and when it came time for pushing, it took 3 minutes and my 9lb 2oz ds was out. I agree that our bodies are meant to give birth and am all for a natural delivery however, I do not think anyone who decides to have an epidural should feel badly. I had a great experience with mine. An added benefit to my epi this time was something called laboring down. Once I reached 10cm, the baby was still high. Instead of pushing with all my might and forcing the baby out, I relaxed and let my contractions do the work for about 15 minutes after I was 10cm before I started to actively push. This can really only be done with an epi, because it would be uncontrollable and very painful without one.


Skyeblue - March 7

Cindernar the reason that many woman and babies died during birth during the old days had greatly to do with infection.


sahmof3 - March 7

I agree tinkri. I HAD to have an epidural.Believe me it was so necessary. I later found out that I have scarring of the cervix from a D&C from a m/c, but not until my next pregnancy did I find that out. So there was no way that I was going to have a v____al delivery, but, of course, didn't know that at the time. Sometimes there are things going on that are truly preventing a natural delivery and causing probably more pain then the next person who doesn't have complications and can deliver naturally. It really p__sed me off that some of my friends were telling me that I ended up w/ a c-section because of my epidural. The fact is that I needed the epi in the first place because of the complication that eventually led to the c-section, not the other way round.


sahmof3 - March 7

... and trust me... I was just as prepared as any other person can be before actually going through a delivery... I planned on an all natural delivery. I am not afraid of pain or the thought of birth... which is probably why I didn't even get the epi until 9 hours after being induced even though it was horrible. My SIL who had 8 hour labors and 6-7 lb. babies likes to lecture me about the evils of epidurals, too. Maybe if she'd had my labor and my size babies (my boys were 9 lbs. 5 oz. with a 14" head and 10 lbs. 6 oz. with a 15" head) she'd be singing a different tune lol.


cindernar - March 8

You take your chances with not having medical intervention, and I will choose not to take mine. Skyeblue, I'm not someone who thinks that all women should give birth in a hospital. To me personally, it's just not worth the risk. What if you have to have an emergency C-section because the baby gets stuck or something? That's all I'm saying. I haven't looked up statistics on reasons for death during childbirth in the old days, though I'm sure infection played a huge part in it. I'm mostly concerned about issues with the baby that could be prevented through monitoring. (cord accidents, mother's pelvis too narrow, meconium aspiration, etc. etc.) I don't want to turn this into a debate on whether people should have epidurals. I could give a c___p less what you choose to do. I was even considering trying it naturally this time, and who knows? I may choose to do so at the last minute. What I do get sick of are nazis who insist that giving birth naturally is the ONLY way to go. Off your high horses, please.


sahmof3 - March 8

Thanks for writing what you did, cindernar! I have nothing against natural births (I was planning one), but when someone that has one and has no complications comes on and spouts off about how everyone else should be able do it, too... and acts like those who need intervention (pain meds or c-section or whatever) just weren't as prepared for childbirth as they were... it gets old real fast!


cindernar - March 8

You're most welcome, girl. Good luck to you!


Selena - March 10

I have had 2 epidurals and loved them both! The epi did not slow down my labours at all (opposite in fact) with my first labour being 5.5 hours and the second (just a week ago) being 3.75 hours. The epi was so wonderful and did not hurt like I thought it would. I could still feel my legs and the urge/sensations to push. I don't plan on having any more children but if someone asks me I highly recommend the epi. For what its worth I don't believe that women today are any less capable of doing child birth drug free. The real question is ...why? We have the technology to allow for a relatively pain free experience and if someone wants to opt for that it certainly doesn't make them any less of a woman or a mother. Tolerating the pain of childbirth is no longer necessary so to each their own.



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