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Tabetha - November 27

i work at a hospital and was told that empisiotomies are still done frequently. but i looked up info and it said that they were not done so often and that the healing rate of tearing was almost always quicker! this is my first and i need some input please! Thanks


Christine - November 29

I dont know much about this, but my input is I am on my 3rd...with my first I did tear a little, they said enough for one st_tch...they actually did not st_tch it and everything healed fine..with my second...well they didnt st_tch..and didnt tell me if I had a tear..which I would guess means I didnt...but I also know a lot of woman who have both had tears and episiotomies...everything was fine either way...good luck


Sabrina - December 4

You don't want an episiotomy unless absolutely necessary, such as tearing towards the c___toris or when they use foreceps, then you really don't have a choice. Tearing will heal sooner and less swelling. If you do you kegels every day for a couple of minutes (I ususlly did them right before I went to sleep), you should experience little if any tearing. The stronger the v____al muscles are, the more they can stretch.


Donna - January 6

WIth my experience, I must say, avoid that episiotomy at all cost. I had one with my first child and it was an extremely painful decision. I was in pain for about a year afterwards, whenever I went to the bathroom or had s_x. Please consider talking to your Doctor about alternatives.


Amy - January 24

I had the episiotomy. It is different for everyone. I'm not sure why someone said that kagel exercizes help your muscles stretch. It isn't your muscle that gets the episiotomy...My pain went away after about 2 weeks and my delivery was a breeze because I chose to get the incision. As long as you keep the area clean and take it easy, it should be fine. But you are you and no one else. It will be your very own experience and enjoy it.


Amy - January 24

...also, my 'opening' just wasn't big enough for my baby. No matter how hard I pushed (and I was in top physical condition at delivery), I could have chosen to tear or to be cut. I don't know why on earth anyone would choose to let their body tear when the doctor can control the damage.


dt - May 1

To Amy: in some cases women decide to tear naturally because the tears can be mroe minor than the epi damage. Also Tabetha, I have heard some women say that the epi was more painful than the actual giving birth! As a personal choice I would try not to have one unless absolutely encessary, however as Sabrina said sometimes an epi can be preferable to something like tearing your c___toris or a very large and complicated tear, an epi might be straighter and mroe controlled and easier to st_tch, also it might in some cases minimise the pain of delivering a really large baby. I would wait till closer to your due date when they can give you a rough estimate of how much your baby weighs, and consider the size as part of your decision to have an epi or not. They are very commonly performed, esp. in uk and usa, and in most cases just for convenience or through ignorance, not necessity. Good luck either way!


michelle - May 2

You are more likely to have major - 3rd and 4th degree - tearing if you are given an episiotomy. Recent studies indicate more problems with episiotomies than tearing.



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