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myriah - October 4

i am due on november 8th and am totally torn (ha ha) on whether or not to have an episiotomy. based on my research, the latest studies prove it to be unecessary in most cases. at the same time, my doctor is in the minority that prefers to due it more routinely. it would be helpful to hear from the ladies who have been there--did you have one? if so, are you happy now with your decision? and same question to those who did not have one. thank you for your stories in advance----i need to make up my mind here!!!


lisa - October 4

my mum was telling me how when she gave birth they gave everyone enema, shaved you down there and routine episiotomy, she said it tingled for months after and didnt recomend it, im sure your body heals better from a tear,


leslie - October 4

I am going to be a first time mom and when I go into labor, The first thing I plan on doing when I get there is say "I don't want an episotomy" there is no way!! I refuse I preffer to tear, just the thought of someone cutting down there gives me goosebumps. I have done some reasearch and also have seen that it is not really necessary. So we'll see, hopefully I won't even tear but I doubt it..


c - October 4

I had one when I had my first child and let me tell you it was not fun at all I think I was in more pain from that than the actual labor. My next one is due in 2 weeks and I will NOT let them cut me. It was not a good experience.


SAN - October 4

I had an episiotomy with my son who was 8lbs that was 13yrs ago, had a daughter 9lbs 8yrs ago and cause she was big and they didnt give me an episiotomy she ripped through my bowel and i had to have surgery to repair it right after the birth. Im due tomorrow my 3rd and last and have been told i will need another episiotomy cause they cant guarantee that my bowel wont tear again. My advice is to only have one on medical grounds,i think the worst part is the needle they use to give you a local right in your perenium makes you jump even at a peak contraction. The healing process is a little sore specially when you need a wee, but id rather have one of those than have bowel surgery again. Midwife said if you know your,e having an episiotomy try an epidural as this numbs your underneath so you wont feel the needle and cut. Im considering one of these myself as i know the episiotomy is looming.


myriah - October 5

Thank you!


Bree - October 6

I've had both and can't say. I was allowed to tear w/my daughter (1st child). She weighed a little over 8 lbs. It took a very long time to be st_tched up! W/my son I told them not to cut me, that I'd prefer to tear. Well ...the midwife said the baby was in distress and she had to cut me. Now, I don't actually believe her, b/c I heard her talking about getting this baby out by 7:00am so she could get home to b___stfeed her own baby! Anyway -I had the episiotomy. My son is now 14 and I still have problems sometimes of the scar tissue swelling and burning or getting irritated. So I don't know??? I think a lot of Drs prefer to go ahead to speed things up and I'm guessing that st_tching a cut is a lot easier than a jagged random tear?? Just my guess. Good luck in being listened to if you elect NOT to be cut.


Olivia - October 9

I'm 5'3" and my first child was 8 lb 10 oz. three years ago. I used a nurse/midwife at the time, and other than giving me pitocin let things progress at its own speed. She actually stretched my v____al area with her fingers before my baby was crowning and whiile to help with the expansion. She said a lot of times it keeps you from tearing or needing an episiotomy. She's had a lot of success with it and recommended if you're really worried about it to do it before you even go into labor. It was uncomfortable, but I didn't need a single st_tch!



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