Episiotomy Worry

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blondie4104 - February 15

I had my baby boy on the 3rd. I got an episiotomy during labor, and was sore from it for a week, then the pain eased up for a couple days, and felt like it was finally healing...But now the pain is back with a vengance! I'm wondering if anyone else can relate....is it normal, or should I call my dr?


Krist - February 15

Hey Blondie. I had an episiotomy too and like you the pain eased within a week. I didn't have any recurrent pain. My suggestion is that you visit your doctor just in case there is a problem.


SaraH - February 16

I would call the doc just to be safe. I do know that sometimes during the healing of a deep cut the nerves can do that sort of thing. I've had 3 shoulder surgeries, and I think I had that kind of thing occur during the healing of the incision a couple times. I've never had an episiotomy though. It's probably nothing, but since that is such a sensitive area and b/c of location it may be easier to get an infection due to bacteria pa__sing through your stools (not sure if that is a problems or not but I would think it might be a higher risk then other areas????), I'd call the doc to be safe.


djh - February 17

Could you get a mirror and check out the area? Have a good light source and perhaps have hubby or significant other have a look. Once you've got an a__sessment of the area you will have more info when you call the Doc or his/her nurse.


sagekelli - February 20

i had the something similar happen with my tear. my doc said it didn't heal quite right, scar tissue built up a little and prevented one little spot from healing and i guess it was aggitated from being open. well she put silver nitrate or something on it to help it heal, for the next three days i thought she was full of c___p, it felt like she just put vaseline on it, but about 5 days later all was well...granted i was 6weeks postpartum, but how lame to have had pain for that long that could have been helped. just talk to your doc, hopefully its not an infection, but the sooner you take care of whatever the problem is, the better. good luck


danielle3318 - November 5

DONT EVER LET YOUR DOCTOR HAVE CONTROL OF YOUR BIRTH. He is being paid thousands of dollars from your insurance, AND you combined for the little time he spends in the room with you! He should be patient, and how the whole process goes from start to finish should be based on EXACTLY how you want it to go. If he acts like he is in a hurry, he is truly NOT genuine, and should not be a doctor in the first place. Doctors perform episiotomies ALL the time because they are impatient and want to get it over and done with so they can either leave, or see another patient to make more money in as little time as possible. If you refuse, they will even make you feel like you NEED one, and manipulate you in the heat of the moment! Be VERY judging when choosing your doctor, take you time, and go through a few or many if needed! and i saw great advice earlier, women doctor's are usually a better choice, not that you shouldn't be cautious of them either, but in many cases, they have been through it before, they feel for you, and they wont make cruel decisions that can effect you for weeks, months, years just to save themselves time or money. I am a Nursing a__sistant in labor and delivery, and i have seen this first hand many many many times and it infuriates me. PLEASE take complete control over your birth. let everything happen naturally, push when you feel an urge to push, rest when you feel the urge to rest. It's how it's supposed to be done! Women have done it for millions of years and it's not untill recently that EVERYONE else is in control. So cruel and unneccessary. The doctors know it to. Not only should you take control, have your husband, your mother, best friend in there who is protective of you MAKE SURE they listen to you. I feel for all of you mothers, and expecting mothers. I am pa__sionate and proud of you. And when i have my second child in March, you know i wont be afraid to tell the doctor BACK OFF, do NOT tell me what to do. Encouragement is one thing, manipulation is WRONG.



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