Epistiomy Fear

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melissap - February 3

Just to let you know at that point in labour it won't matter. I had an episiotomy with my 1st and it really wasn't painful afterward and I just tore with my 2cnd and it took twice as long to heal and it hurt 3 times as bad. I think a nice neat cut that is easier to sew up is easier to heal. Don't worry about it and enjoy the experience of childbirth. good luck .


Mary-Ellen - February 4

The normally cut you to help your baby along quicker if it is distressed or if you are just too tired to push as hard any more. I was cut and they do this for your own good, i was up all night when i was having my son and i was so tired because i was given a sleeping pill and didn't sleep. They cut me to use a suction cap to help me. Trust me that you would rather have a cut from them than have a tear. They numb you with a cut but they don't know if your gonna tear til it's already happened so you'll feel it and of course a tear will take longer to heal because it wont be a clean cut. I will also like to add that i am currently pregnant with my second, i know what labour is like i've been there done that and it was no where near as painful as i thought it was gonna be. Also i would do it over and over again with all the pain in the world to bring such a lovely precious thing into the world. Having a baby at the end of it makes it all worth it.


Iwant8 - February 8

This has not been my experience. I had a level FOUR episiotomy with my first child. I was in so much pain for weeks. S_x was miserable for about 8 months afterwards. I changed ob's and my next ob said that he would watch me very close. I went to the Bradley Method cla__ses that suggested it was better to tear than to be cut because when they cut, they cut through muscle too. When you tear, it is just tissue. I am very small and so I did tear with child number 2 and had 12 stiches. I was fine in about 5 days, s_x NEVER was an issue. I tore with number 3 as well, only 6 st_tches. I have told all my friends, my sisters, my sis-in-laws and anyolne else who will listen...episiotomys are a bad idea. My two sister in laws that did not listen to me the first time, DID listen the next time and both of them agree-tearing is much easier to recover from. Maybe it is just a matter of opinion, or a matter of experience, but if yo have a doc who is patient and will work the perineum around your baby's head carefully, you will be fine. I don't mean to scare you, but I do want to give you another side of it. If you are interested, the Bradley Method is by FAR the BEST birthing technique I have ever seen. I still can't do it naturally, I want the epidural, but 6 kids later, I do still feel like Bradley will educate you better than anyone about your body and the process. Good Luck!!!



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