Epistiotomy Or No Epistiotomy

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BH - October 13

I am so confused about what to do with labor. I originally did NOT want any drugs and NO epistiotomy. However, I have read several book/mag's/others stories, and now I dont know if getting a epistiotomy would be best. I have a feeling I will be having a big baby b/c I am 5'10" and my husband is 6'2". We are both average weight. I dont want to tear down there b/c I know that can cause you lots of pain and problems later on. This is my first pregnancy, and I just dont know what to expect. None of my good friends have had kids yet, so I dont really have other women to talk to except by using this forum. Also, if I dont get a epidural, but do get a epistiotomy will they do something to numb down there before they cut??? I need some honest opinions.


Just me - October 14

I didn't actually know that you could request an episiotomy, but if you can then I would say to wait and see if you need it. They have to give you a shot (which hurts) to numb your private areas and then they cut you and that burns rather bad. Then they have to give you stiches after the birth and those get very sore and take longer to heal. You can however tell them if they think you are going to tear after you start pushing that you want one. Sometimes they just let you tear and that's not fun either. And it's ok to be worried because you are both tall but my babies were pretty small at birth and my hubby is 6'5 and 300lbs and I'm only 4'11 and 115lbs. Good luck to you! I hope I helped or at least made you feel better.


krystal - October 16

i had an episiotomy with my oldest daughter and i did not feel the needle. They will usually wait for a contraction and the pressure takes the pain. also i, myself did not feel the cut at all, and then i tore too!! She was 9lbs 6 ozs.


erin - October 16

It is actually better to tear. The skin heals together better than if you are "snipped". My sister is an L&D nurse, that's what they are taught....although every doctor has their opinion. I had a third degree tear (they only go to 4...so it was bad!!) and it did hurt, but healed beautifully. I had a lot less pain than my friend who had an episiotomy. Just my opinion....you'll have to wait and see what happens!! good luck


Lissi - October 18

I wasn't offered a choice. They just let me tear. I tore almost down to my a__s, but couldn't feel it due to the epidural. They st_tched me up very well and it healed up in just 2 weeks. It didn't feel that bad at all. My sore, bloated tummy and backache were much more of a problem, but that started to ease by the third day too. I didn't want any drugs either, but ended up having everything on offer. The epidural was such a relief, after so many hours of trying to struggle with the pain! I don't want to put you off, but keep an open mind when it comes to pain relief. You may need it.



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