Failure To Progress After Stripping Of The Membranes

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Leslie O - June 13

I'm going in for my 41 week non-stress test today and want to talk intelligently about the option of stripping my membranes. I have friends who swear by it, as their water breaks within 24 hours, but I've noticed that in their births, they end up on pitocin because progressing contractions do not follow the breaking water. How common is this? If you have had your membranes swept has it worked? Did you go into labor naturally and have progressing contractions, or did you end up needing to be augmented chemically with something like Pitocin?


julesnac - June 13

leslie, i had my membranes swept 2 or 3 times. my contractions did get wrose, but i wound up being induced because they were so irregular. i eventually had an emergency c-section for fetal distress. i don't think it's good or bad, i just think it depends on the pregnancy and how your body reacts. everyone is different. i will tell you however, that i thought it was painful. good luck!


dedaa - June 13

I had my membranes swept twice and the second time my water broke the nest day but I don`t knoow if it really was from having my membranes swept or not or if it was just the baby was ready to come. I did have to be put on pitocin though cause I did not get no contractions but it was a quick labor and I had no medication so I have not one complaint about it.


Braydens Mom - June 16

I had my membranes stripped twice. I went into labor about 13 hours after the second time. I progressed fine with no pitocin, reached 9 cm, and then needed an emergency c-section due to baby's heartbeat dropping and staying in the 60s (But i also have a posterior cervix, and the baby was facing up instead of down). But stripping worked for me, with no pitocin.


Laura983 - June 19

i had my membranes swept a week ago. I ended up losing part of my mucus plug a little bit at a time, but no labor.


ralhun - June 20

My midwife tried to strip my membranes three times but couldn't reach. In the end I went into labour naturally the day before induction.


letgo0527 - July 2

I had my membranes stripped on Monday when I was 38w3d. I had some really intense contractions that night, but they didnt progress into labor. The stripping was very uncomfortable for me because I was only a fingertip dialated and my cervix was very high. I just feels like tons of pressure. Not necessarily painful.


letgo0527 - July 2

I forgot to mention I did lose my mucus plug after being stripped. It came out little by little, but it came out.


mama-beans - July 2

Had my membranes swept on Monday and left the office at 3cm and 50% effaced, went into labor at noon on tusday and was holding my son at 1:45 that afternoon. No pitocin, super fast progression.



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