False Labor Embarassment

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Tasha - May 5

I am feeling very frustrated at the moment and I think hearing from other pregnant moms might help me. I am pregnant with my 2nd child due May 22nd. For the last month I have been experiencing constant but very irregular and not very painful contractions. Yesterday around 11:00a.m., the contractions began to get regular and about 7 minutes apart for 2 hours. Since they were still not painful, I decided not to call my doctor. Then, the contractions shortened to about 4 minutes apart for another 2 hours, still not very painful. I decided to call my doctor just in case. I was honest with my doctor and told her that they were not painful but she still decided to have me come in to the hospital. When I got there, the nurses were very impatient and rude, making me feel very embarassed for having come in and for not knowing the difference. When they checked me, I had not even begun dilating. They of course decided to send me home with instructions to not come back until I am in pain or can't talk through my contractions. I am now still contracting 4-5 minutes apart consistently 36 hours later but with not much more pain. It is enough pain however, to cut into my sleep and DRIVE ME NUTS! I am feeling very lost because my 1st pregnancy was nothing like this. I am afraid to call my doctor again out of embarassment for not knowing the difference. Help!! How long could this possibly last? Please tell me it won't last all the way to May 22nd!


Confused - May 12

I am also due on the 22 on May and having the same thing like small contractions, and cramping, but my doctor said it was normal and I have to wait. Sometimes I wonder if they understand how uncomfortable it is.


Anna - May 12

I went to the hospital "in labor" with my second (so I guess I was supposed to know the difference by then) and got sent home. Nothing to be embarra__sed about. Ignore the nurses, and call your doctor whenever you feel the need. That's what they are for, and I cannot imagine that anyone goes into the business of delivering babies without expecting near-do moms to call them with concerns and pains.


Tasha - May 13

Thanks for the words of wisdom ladies. It definitely helps one to feel better hearing from others who know what it feels like. Just to give you an update, it is now over a week since that hospital visit and I am still contracting. Two days ago at my weekly appointment, I was finally dilated to almost a whole centimeter. While I'm learning to ignore the contractions by doing little projects around the house, it is still very irritating and discouraging. I feel as though they will never pick up and that I will be pregnant forever. I have even tried picking them up myself by taking walks every day and having intercourse with my husband frequently...but nothing. My final fear is that I will be so used to ingnoring the contractions that when it is really time, I won't notice.


Tasha - May 13

Kiddo, I know your contractions hurt and are annoying, but if you can do projects around the house and have s_x with your husband, you are not in any danger of having that baby "fall out". You won't be able to speak during a productive contraction, and will probably be leaning against something or someone. You'll know. Good luck!


Wanda - May 16

With my second, I went to the hospital at least 4 times with what I thought was labor but didn't turn out to be. My first labor was induced, so I didn't know what it felt like to have contractions in a normal setting, like home. So, I went in those times before, thinking that I was in labor, and it was just the early stages but it wasn't. When I finally went in and got to have my baby, I didn't have contractions but my water broke, and so, my dr told me to go to the hospital to make sure, and they induced me again.


Katharine - May 16

I think that is horrible-the nurses treating you like that. They are supposed to be your support team, whether you're in labor or not. I'm nervous about going to a larger hospital for this delivery and experiencing similar reactions. Last time, when I called my local hospital (which doesn't have Labor/Delivery anymore), the nurse's response was, "Well, you probably don't need to come in yet, but there are no other patients, so you can come in and we'll give you all our attention and get you comfortable." I know not to expect this from a larger hospital, but that att_tude certainly started the entire experience off on the right foot. Luckily, I was in real labor and got there just in time to "get comfortable" before the strong stuff kicked in... Make sure to put that information on your evaluation (or notify your doctor) after the birth. You are paying thousands of dollars to have your baby in that facility, you should be treated with respect at all times.



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