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Nissa - March 8

I know it's probably dumb but I overthink so I was thinking Monday I had a membrane sweep done because I am now 38 weeks and 5 days and she is so big and I want to hold her.. however, the pains I had afterwards didnt change my cervix and I thought to myself, " I put my baby through stress" I can;t get it out of my mind. Last night when I had to go to the hospital again, the nurse I had checked me and then did something that was incredibly painful ( the sweep didnt hurt at all). I said to the nurse, " did you just sweep me?" and she said " well I stirred something up that should get things going again" She pulled my cervix forward as it was a bit to the back. So, I came home had pains, still feel all achy and painy and I'm thinking my poor baby. I don't think I want anymore internal exams. I want to just let nature take its course. I am feeling guilty for having s_x to start contractions and I feel guilty for that sweep and I feel guilty for the fact I was overjoyed that the doctor said that if I hadnt gone by next monday he would help things along, " gel". Maybe she just doesnt want to be born yet and maybe she is feeling stressed out by the poking and prodding and contractions that lead to me being 3 cm but not changing further in two days. Is it true that even if they try to give me the gel and it doesnt work, I would end up with a c section? or would I just wait and the contractions would go away and she would come when she was ready?? sorry if this was long and made no sense. I am just riddled by the thoughts of my baby trying to tell me she isnt ready yet and to have no more sweeps. Am I overthinking? Are sweeps harmful?


Rosie - March 8

I never heard of, or thought of sweeps being harmful. My dr. did me on my last baby, and I much preferred that instead of inducing like my first baby. What made your dr. decide to do the membrane sweep? Was it just the fact that you're over 38 weeks? Sometimes we need a little help to encourage the baby. If my mom had any help when she had me, I may have not almost died when I was born. She tried to tell the dr.'s that I was ready. But they wouldn't listen. Don't stress and worry so much. God is taking care of your baby!


Nissa - March 8

Thank you Rosie, your reply helped me. The doctor decided to sweep me because my baby measured as 38 weeks ( head, tummy, femur bone)at 33 weeks ( according to the ultrasound). And my fundal height is 42 as of this week and she is quite low and engaged. My last baby was 9lbs 4 oz when she was born. Also, I've had painful contractions for weeks now and am getting tired because they go on for hours.


Nissa - March 8

oh and my cervix was three cm dilated when he checked me prior to the sweep and quite effaced. After the sweep, I had a lot of show and major contractions and last night I had another sweep basically although this one was HORRIBLY uncomfortable and I just had another show of mucus/blood and Im very sore.


Sarah - March 8

Oh you poor thing... it sounds like you're terribly stressed out! Beleive me... the membrane sweep is much gentler then being induced. I am 37w today and I've been having real contractions (not braxton hicks by a mile) for months now, and my baby is just fine. If you really are uncomfortable with the sweep then don't get anymore, but be a__sured that you're baby is just fine. If you're uncomfortable with being induced you can also ask your doctor to wait until it's medically necessary. Don't stress more then you have to about it... take a nice warm bath and just relax.


claire - March 15

about the membrane sweep.. I'm having terrible pains and ended up going to the hospital for a labor check, and ended up getting sent home. I want to ask for a sweep, but I don't know a whole lot about it. Do they do it at the OB during a routine exam? I'm going on 38 weeks and have another appointment Friday. I'm just so fed up with this pain, I almost need something to help things along because I can't take it anymore. If someone could, please give me more information on a sweep. It'll be much appreciated.


M.A. - March 15

All I know about the sweep is that my dr. won't even consider it until I've dialated at some point!


Sarah - March 15

for Claire. this is what my doctor told me about the membrane sweep. he said that #1 you have to be dialated a little. #2 the baby has to be dropped into place. what they do is they separate the bag of waters from the placenta which releases some hormones, helps you to dialate, and (and this is my opinion) that the cramping it causes may help start contractions. if the baby's not low enough then they probably won't do it because then they could end up breaking your water instead and you could end up with a lot of other problems.


Ms.Saiz - November 8

Don't let this worry you. I tried everything my last pregnancy and this one to get them out. Most all women wanna be done asap. You should'nt feel guilty about wanting the same thing. And as far as hurting your baby...... I can a__sure you that your dr. Wouldn't do anything to hurt your baby. Rest a__sured he will come when he is ready.



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