Feels Like Menstral Cramps

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duejuly25th - July 6

Since yesterday afternoon i have been having menstral like cramps mixed with sharp little pains. Plus the pressure has trippled. I went to the doctor today and he said i have thinned out but not dialated, im 37 weeks and my baby already weighs 7 1/2 lbs. Im just curious if any one else has felt like this and what came of it?


Catrina - July 14

Hi there, since yesterday I have been having the exact same thing! A dull ache in my v____al area like I'm about to come on my period and unbelievable pressure on my pelvic area. Last night I had a stabbing pain down there that was so bad it made me drop to the floor, but it pa__sed after that split second and then I had another quick one immediately after. I don't know what they were! I'm 39 weeks 2 days. I'm wondering the same thing as you, what does all that mean? Probably just the baby getting ready for labor.


juggy - July 17

i had the same problem just 15 and i'm due on the 20th i had really bad pain for 3hr i finally went to the hosp just as i got there the pain started fading and the doctor there said it was a sign of earl labour


steph-in-saint-pete-beach - July 17

Same thing here, sharp like a knife, fast like lightening. few times today. Im 40 weeks yesterday. had 2 loose Bms today which they say is a sign, but the pain was not a contraction. I have had tons of braxton hicks the last 2 weeks, but 3 times today these sharp pains made my eyes bug out and took my breath. Hope that thats not what labor is going to be like but constant cuz Im going natural at a birth center. You Get Zero Drugs Period.


Catrina - July 19

Ooh Steph thats harsh! I'm going to try going natural but I feel better knowing that if it gets too bad I can always scream for the drugs! lol. I'm due tomorrow and I've had a few of those sharp stabbing pains, but now it seems that my stomach seems to cramp up ALOT at night to the point where it hurts to turn over in bed. Also loads of braxton hicks. But still no contractions. Hope we're all close though because this heat is NOT fun! ;)


BabyGirl05 - July 23

ive been having the same thing where it feels like menstral cramps with lots of prea__sure and quick repetative sharp pains in the v____al area...i called labor and delivery and they told me that it was normal to feel that and that it just sounded like braxton hicks contractions and not to worry about it until they were a lot stronger and 5 min apart...she was rude and i had been having the pains and cramps that brought me to tears for about 3 or 4 days now...so im just thinking about going in to get monitored....when i started before i got preg..i got chronic cramps so my stomache and back are used to a lot of pain so i dont know if im having early contractions and not being able to tell because of the chronic cramps...this is my first pregnancy and i am a lil over 37wks so im not really sure what to do


lauraloo77 - July 27

Hi, Im 39w and 4 days and just started getting cramping last night on for about 3 hours though. I am hoping this is a sign of labour due to start in the next few days, I hope so as I dont want to go overdue in this heat!!! Anyone else know much about cramping and if it means labour could start????


baby abbey - August 5

Wow..I am going through the same exact thing. I have had menstral-like cramps and crazy twinges of pain ...no dilation though. I have also "thinned," and my baby weighs 7 +pounds. My pressure is insane though. I seriously urinate every 5 minutes. She is so low I can actually feel her in my pelvis (or so it seems) when I walk. I have been having fairly strong Braxton Hicks contractions throughout the day as well. I keep waking up in the morning with the att_tude "Today's the Day!"...but still no action.


Shannah - August 8

i have been having menstural cramps on and off for three weeks, i am 39 weeks and 3 days i am just awaiting. i wish it would come. i still don't have any contraction that i can feel yet. tomorrow is my doctors appt and i will get checked to see if i have dilated at all...


AmberJane - August 8

Hi there, I had cramps back on week 36, If the cramps syay, you are doing good. I had them for one full night, and in the morning, I statred with contractions. These cramps are like strong period, not like, ow a cramp,, it is more ' okay i have this pain like I am hrting and I cant really walk. The cramps that let you get out of cla__sroom early (back in H.S. )


Samantha1 - August 8

i've been having cramps since 36 1/2 weeks im now 38 weeks 2 days i go to the doctor tomorrow will see what he says


soontobemotherof5 - August 11

Hello mama's! You are all doing so well.....I've had four natural births, 3 were drug free!! The cramps you are feeling are so normal, everything has to stretch and make way for your little bundle!! The more braxton and hicks the better. I had heaps and was 7cm dilated when labor started! Trust in your bodies....enjoy where you are at in your life, having a baby is just so so amazing!! Good luck to your all...



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