First Baby Birth Story

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hmm... - December 30

Hello everyone... I have been visiting this site since I found out I was preggo. It helped me learn about the pregnancy, and answered many of my questions. I thought I could share my birth story in case anybody is in similar situation. I had a scheduled induction for December 28th and went in a night before to have some gels put in to soften my cervix. They put you on a monitor for 2 hours after they insert the gel. My blood pressure seemed really high (about 144/105 on average) so they didn't want to let me go home for the night (initially i was supposed to do that and come back the next morning for more gels) Instead they took me to L&D room and had me wait another 2 hours before inserting some sort of cervix softening pill. They put the pill in at about 2 am in the morning. Soon after that I started having really strong contractions. They started to get longer and more painful so I asked for some painkiller. They gave me a shot of something that made me sleepy and allowed me to relax between the contractions (which I still could feel). At about 5 am in the morning I they offered me an epidural. I agreed to it and about 20 minutes later I was in heaven. I could still feel something but couldn't really tell if they were contractions or not. At about 6:30 I started feeling something down there - as if i really needed to poop. I asked my husband to call the nurse because I couldn't hold it and needed to push. The nurse and the doctor came and told me t go ahead and push. I pushed for 12 minutes and my baby girl came out screaming. It was very shocking to find out that it went so fast. I'm not sure why it happend this way but sure am happy it's over... The baby girl was born at 7:07am, she was 6 pounds 13oz and 20 long.


Ameigh - December 30

aww congrats!! =D. thats good to hear everything went well, i hope both you two are doing great and good luck with everything =D



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