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aliciawatts1 - September 29

what is labor like? is it scary? does it hurt as much as people make it seem? what is the best way to deliver? what are some things i should look for during labor?


Tory1980 - September 30

It does hurt but a lot of the pain is due to women tensing as the pains hit rather than relaxing. I always tell myself the pains can only get worse and it usually works!!! The best way to deliver is whatever you find comfortable but this will depend on whether you want an epidural or not and how good the hospital is at promoting an active labour - ie standing, walking on all fours etc. Most women if left to their own devices will deliver squatting or leaning over the bed believe it or not. With all my labours I have stayed upright until I wasn't comfortable doing so anymore and that was usually when I hit around 7-8cms dilated. When you are pushing try to have the back of the bed (if you choose to lie down) up as much as possible to allow gravity to do its work(this is possible with an epidural too). Lying flat on your back with legs in stirrups is not a good idea and causes a longer pushing stage sometimes - sort of like trying to push a car up a hill on your own. You will be in a 'v' ahape of that means anything if you are lying flat whereas if you are as upright as possible then it flattens the 'v' shape out a little and allows for an easier birth. Your best bet when you go into labour is to try and relax as much as possible - it could be a long road! LOL! If the hospital will let you eat and drnk then do so as you will need the energy later, try baths/showers etc as natural pain relief and walk as much as possible as that will help labour along. My first baby came at 34weeks and I didn't even realise I was in labour - 6cms dilated when I went to the hospital to be checked for some spotting! No pain relief until tey had to give me a spinal to turn him using ventouse. My second was scary with his heart rate dropping and general problems but it was again fast and again pain relief free and my third was induced and I used gas and air. My fourth - well we will find out soon! LOL! Read everything you can as the more knowledge of what to expect the better for you - no nasty surprises. Also write a birth plan and take it with you or put it into yor notes. Make sure your midwife/doctor is aware of your wishes and make sure your birthing partner reads it and understands what you want when you are lucid and pain free. If you are adamant now that you don't want an epidural then write it down as there is other options open to you before gonig down that route - of course the plan is subject to change at any time! Doing this though will allow you to think about how you want your birth experience to go but don;t be disappointed if it isn;t as you planned - as long as you and baby are fine then that is all that counts!



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