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djh - January 31

I am conducting an unscientific poll. In nursing school we constantly debate the pros and cons of inducing labor or letting nature take its course. So, did pitocin (or other drugs) make your contractions more painful, less painful, or the same? Also, did you find the pitocin sped up, slowed down, or didn't change the length of your labors? The second question may not apply to women who were induced before term since those labors are essentially starting from zero and the length would not be comparable to naturally occurring labors. Thanks for you input!


EricaG - January 31

hmm, well, my experience might not help you too much because I WAS induced before 40 weeks. Also it was my first labor so I don't have anything to compare it to. I was induced at 37 weeks. The contractions were about 2 minutes apart for most of the labor. From the beginning of the induction to minute my baby was born was about 5 hours. Sorry if mine doesn't help it all... I hope it does :o)


marie7 - January 31

Hi, I had to be induced for my 2nd child (dd) at 36 wk 6 d due to low AFI. With my 1st (ds), I went into labor exactly on his due date, about a 12 1/2 hr labor. I had an epidural with both, but found that being induced with the pitocin that my contractions were definately more painful, even with the epi. They started the pitocin at about 5 pm, and it didn't do too much until my water was broke at about 1am, then I had her about 2 1/2 hours after that. Also thanks to your post about laboring down, we did that and it only took about 4 pushes (as opposed to over an hour of pushing with ds) to get her out!


djh - February 1

Hey Erica, I wrote that bit about before term incorrectly. What I meant was before there may have been time for some effacement, dilation, loss of plug, hormone influences, etc. Usually in the week or two before natural labor a lot of changes are already happening that don't happen with earlier inductions. That was what I meant by starting from zero sorry for the confusion ;0 and you do help, 2 mins apart for the whole labor, thank goodness for the 5 hour part! I appreciate your reply, and thanks to you and all the ladies who take the time to respond. Missycc4, so the ctx hurt more because they were harder, stronger or just different than natural ctx? Marie7, so glad to hear you birth went well. Did you get to dim the lights and chill out for the last 1/2 hour or so?


missycc4 - February 1

with the pitocin they were a lot harder then the natural labor pain. I found it harder to focus on things then w/o pitocin.


missycc4 - February 1

with the pitocin I found it harder to focus


sahmof3 - February 2

I only had one labor. But, the first few hours I was contracting regularly and on my own. It was a little painful, but ctxns were spaced and manageable and I could walk around (just stopped when a ctxn came on). When I was induced... YOW!!! No spaces b/w ctxns and soooo painful. I couldn't even think enough to speak and ask for an epi... that's painful! I finally did get one hours later (epi) and then I was pain free. However, I should note that 1) I later found out that I have scarring of the cervix from a D&C and wasn't going to dilate no matter what and 2) I was induced w/ no effacement or dilation whatsoever... and only ever got to 1/2 cm.


lexa - February 2

Well, I've had 2 labors and needed to be induced with both. I'll give you my stories. My 1st, I was induced 2 weeks after due date since there was no sign of him coming (my cervix wouldn't soften). So once they got that taken care of they started the Pitocin. 15 mins later the contractions started full force and my water broke partially. They were painful (thank god for epidurals), but manageable. He was 7lbs 13oz and 20.5 inches born 4.5 later. He was a stage 4 tear also (ouch). So with my second, I was induced a week before. Same senario. The pitocin took a little longer to work this time. My water broke completely 2 hours after the start of the Pitocin. Since she was coming so quick, I had no time for an epidural, so I had no pain medicaion at all. She was 6lbs 7oz and 18 inches of pure he**!!!! It was the worst pain of my life! And the kicker of it all,,,It took all of an hour from when my water broke (she was facing the wrong way which didn't help). Honesly, I feel that I had the quickest labor/deliveries ever with the Pitocin and wouldn't change it for anything! (by the way, I really love them both....even though they hurt so much:-)


tinkri - February 6

Iwas induced with my #1 because my water broke and I did not start contracting effectively. I believe I was only 1cm when they started the Pit. He was born 6 hours later (7lbs 15oz). #2 my labor started on its own and was not augmented at all. I was 4cm when I got to the hospital and she was born 8 hours later at (9lbs 13oz). #3 was induced 5 days early due to concern about his size and severe pelvic pain for me. I was 2-3 cm when I got to the hospital and he was born 6 hours after they started the Pit. He was 9lbs 2oz. I all, the only difference for me was that the contractions from the inductions came closer together. I would not say they were stronger, but I did not get a break between them. They were coming every minute.


jazminesmom - February 12

well i went into labor by myself( that it was false labor since i was 2 weeks early). did good for a while then i got pitoctin which made my contrations painfull and closer together. then at 9 cm i got an epidurl because i couldn't relax since the pitocin. i think maybe is seeded things up but al think it could have slowed things since i couldn't walk no more. hope when i get pregnant agian i don't have to have pitocin but i probly will knowing my luck.


djh - February 17

Thanks for the stories!


jennibeeblue - February 18

My first pregnancy had to be jump started with the pitocin after the contractions fizzled out and man was the experience painfull, I asked for an epidural with this one. With my second, it was 100% natural in every way and it was a much less painful. An all around better experience in every aspect.


SaraH - February 19

I haven't had an induction but I have been in 2 births that did use pitocin and they seemed to be worse then a "natural" birth. My best friend was one of those births w/ pitocin and she now has 2 more children that she had w/o it. She told me to not get the pitocin b/c it made the contractions much worse. The other thing (from what I've heard) is that oxytocin (the "natural" hormone that causes contractions) crosses the membrane surrounding the brain and helps in "reducing" the sensation of pain in a natural labor. Pitocin being a synthetic drug can not cross the membrane into the brain and therefore there is no 'pain dulling' benefit to it as there is to oxytocin. So, from what I've heard it's not that pitocin actually make the contracts harder or worse, but rather that you simply don't get any of the pain tolerating effects that you get from the natural contraction hormone, oxytocin, causing you to perceive the contractions as being worse.


Jilloh - February 19

I was induced at 40 weeks on the dot. When I arrived to the hospital I was having contractions 1-1.5 minutes apart but I did not feel them at all. They did not start the Pitocin right away because they wanted to see if I did anything naturally. In 6 hours I did not so Pitocin was started and 7 hours later my water was broken, and 8 hours later my little boy was here. It was my first and so far only pregnancy so I have nothing to compare it to. I did get an epidural but I got it early because the LDR rooms were full and there was about 1-2 hour wait on epidurals. I really didn't feel a thing.


hillcrest - February 24

im 37 weeks...and the doctor is planning to induce me sometime next it ok? 37 weeks is not too early? anyone with same experience?


jennibeeblue - February 24

I went into labor on my own at 37 wks and 4 days...he was born feb 21st. Everything will be fine! He weighed in at 6lbs. and 3oz......18 inches long. You are considered full term at 37 weeks.


EricaG - February 24

I was induced at exactly 37 weeks and all was fine. Abby was 7 lbs 5 oz. and 19 inches long. she did have trouble latching while b___stfeeding though. You should know that there are risks a__sociated with a baby being born at 37 weeks, such as premature lung growth, low birth weight, trouble regulating their own temperature, delays in hitting milestones, and like Abby, trouble latching. If possible it is best for the baby to stay in the womb until 40 weeks. in those last 3 weeks they put on approximatel 1.5 lbs!



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