For Those Who Ve Attempted Natural Birth

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Daisy Jean - March 28

Hi. I would like to have a natural birth, perhaps labor in water, and I am wondering if there are many women who planned to have natural and reconsidered during labor? Can I hear your stories on this, please. I really believe natural is best but I have never experienced birth and I'm not totally confident I can do it. Please share your experiences and any advice


Maleficent - March 28

my second baby was "natural", i got an epidural but it didn't kick in untill....oh...about the time i was b___stfeeding. i would defnatly give natural another try. it was SO MUCH EASIER than when i had my first baby. i think all the medication slowed labor down.


michelle - March 28

I've never used an epidural or any other anesthetic. I have used a___lgesic pain relief - demerol, stadol, nubain - a couple of times. I've had five babies. My labors, deliveries and recoveries have all been quick and easy with no complications. I recommend "natural" labor hands down. My cousins and friends that used epidurals had so many more interventions than myself or my friends that went natural. And sure you can do it! All you need is a positive and realistic att_tude and be able to accept the experience for what it is to you. Good luck.


Daisy Jean - March 29

Thanks, Ladies!!! Maleficent, funny the way you put that. Michelle, I am very concerned about my future birth being over-medicalized and I believe in the wisdom of my body. I'll be working on that positive/realistic att_tude! I'd still love to hear from others.


b - March 30



Tasha - March 30

Hello there, I am currently 39 weeks and where I am from the only way that they offer an epidural is if you are going to have to have a c-section. I am from Canada, and the city that I am from has the lowest number of c-sections in the province. This must mean something, that our bodies can do it better naturally. Although I dont want to do it naturally because I have a very low tolerance to pain, I realize that I have to do it and that is all there is to it. There is other methods of pain medication that they offer, so I think that I will be able to make it. Water is apparently very effective for pain management, and I plan on giving it a try. They dont have a birthing tub, but there are tubs and showers and I plan on staying at home as long as possible. All I know is that if I can do it that you can for sure do it. If you just stick to your guns and think that you can do it then you will. Stay strong and good luck.


Daisy Jean - March 31

Thanks, Tasha! I'm sure you can do it, too.


Jill - April 2

Theres nothing wrong with an epidural. You dont get in a car accident and say "no I dont want anything for pain I'll just bite down on something" I dont know what women are trying to prove by puting themselves through the worst pain in the world when they don't have to.


Jill - April 2

Also I had an epidural at 4 cm and finally got to relax an hour later I was at 10 and pushed 3 times with no pain


Daisy Jean - April 2

Jill, So you beleive the epidural was helpful in being able to relax and let things happen? May I ask the length of your labor? I am not interested in being a martyr. I am motivated to consider a natural birth because I have read that epidurals can slow/stall the natural process and lead to excessive medical intervention and even a lengthier healing process. This is why I am asking the ladies who have had both experiences. Thanks for answering- that was something I hadn't thought of.


michelle - April 2

I don't think labor was "the worst pain in the world." Breaking my elbow hurt worse and so did ripping the tendons out of my foot. I guess that's my point - each person's response to pain is different. For the most part, I found labor to be uncomfortable, sometimes very uncomfortable, but I was also aware that it was finite. And I thought it was pretty cool to see how well everything worked. I didn't fight with my body (it was doing what t was supposed to) but accepted the pain and then it didn"t hurt anymore. I think Jill brings up a good point; her epidural helped her to relax so that she could allow her body to accomplish its task. But there are nonmedical, non-drug ways of accomplishing the same thing.


Jill - April 4

I had uncomfortable labor at home for about 6 hours. When I got to the hospital I was 2 cm. From 2 to 4 it took about 4 hours because I was in a lot of pain and couldn't relax or even remember anything I learned in lamaze cla__s. Like I said I got an epidual at 4 cm (because I was screaming for one) an hour later I was at 10. The next day I was only taking motrin for pain. I have scoliosis so I dont know if the epidural affected my back because it hurts anyway. I went shopping at wal-mart 6 days later. My stiches never really bothered me much at all. I really think I healed pretty fast. Oh yeah I was back in a size five after three weeks.


michelle - April 4

Jill, was it your first baby? My first baby I was in labor about 10 hours.When I got to the hospital, I was 10 cm. I didn't go to the hospital earlier because I thought labor would hurt more. I was sitting on the toilet when I realized I didn't have to poop, I had to push. Then I called the dr, but I was too embara__sed to admit that I was as far along in labor as I was and gave birth maybe a half hour, 45 min after I got to the hospital. Labor became much more painful after I got to the hospital and panicked. I had a long labor with #2, she was OP. #3 and #4 labor was maybe 3 hours tops. Six mins of pushing and those were my 9 pounders. It just gets easier as you go along ;) Oddly enough, I have scoliosis as well. I do a short yoga routine and walk. How do you handle it?


michelle - April 9

Jill, I hurt worse with each pregnancy. Short of getting a new body, I'm not sure how to fix that. I know part of my back pain comes from the lack of muscle tone in my abdomen. I have a diastasis and a good-sized umbilical hernia from my pregnancies. My last baby weighed over 10 lbs ;)


Bella - April 17

I got to the hospital when I was 9cm and had gone through most of the pain naturally. I did get an epidural right before I pushed him out because I was scared of "ring of fire" crowning pain. I'm pregnant with my second and I'm definately going to try to wait until the last minute to get the epidural again.


Jen - April 18

Bella and Jill: I have been having a ton of contractions but I think they are just braxton hicks. I noticed that you didn't get to the hospital till you were so far along so I was interested in your responses. My fear is that I am actually having contractions and I'll have to push before I get to the hospital. My other fear is going to the hospital and them telling me I'm not really in labor. Everything I read and what my doctor says is that I shouldn't even start timing my contractions until I can't talk through them. These hurt but no more than a heavy menstrual cramp. I really have no discharge. However, I have had a very thin discharge tinged with a little blood. The doctor said that is hopefully something breaking down (can't remember what she said cervix/mucus plug). Shouldn't I have more of a thick discharge if I were in labor? Or did you? Did you stay home that long knowing you were in labor and wanted to do most of it at home? Or, did you not think you were really in labor? Thanks for any of your thoughts.


Jill - April 19

Jen- I think contractions feel woese than braxton hicks when I was at home my contractions were about five minutes apart and lasted for a minute and a half, thats how I knew they were real ones, becuse I could sit and time them. And actually when I got to the hospital I was 2-3 and they told me to walk for an hour then I was 3-4 so they let me stay, but I almost got sent home, which was surprising because I was really hurting, and I had a short labor my baby came out with only a few pushes she was small, Iwas in good shape and only gained 25 lbs. so I was scared of the same thing you are. But I think when it's time to go to the hospital you will know its like an instinct



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