Freaking Out About Labor And All That Comes With It

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Joanne - December 8

I'm 29 weeks pregnant and now starting to get really scared about delivery. What if I faint? What if I freak out? I passed out when I got my blood drawn, how am I going to possibly make it through this? I know that there is no turning back, but does anybody have any comforting words for me? I consider myself "allergic to pain". :)


Lindsay - December 9

I will be 39 weeks tomorrow and i am scared to death. i try to tell myself that women have been doing this forever. our grandmothers did it so i guess we can too. it is very scary b/c i don't know wat to expect other than pain. i dont know about you but i am planning to get an epidural. maybe next week at this time i'll have some comforting words for u :)


Joanne - December 9

Haha...I'm glad that I'm not the only scared one Lindsay. Good luck on your delivery and keep me posted on how it goes:) ....oh and YES I plan on getting the epidural.


lisa - December 9

i had my baby 5 weeks ago, when it happens its like your body takes over, you have no time to think, i felt like id turned into an animal, your body just gets on with it, yes its painfull, but you can have pain relief


Lauren's Mom - December 9

What you are feeling is normal. Hey all you first time mother-to-be...if you did not feel or think this way at all then there would be cause for worry. EVERY woman has the same concerns no matter if it's your first or 10th baby. The one thing you need to remind yourself is that the nurses, Dr.'s etc. are all in the same profession and enjoy what they do. They're there to help you and they have all "seen it" more than we could ever imagine. The staff in L & D are a special group and the most sympathic. Learn/read all you can about labor and birth (Don't let the horror stories get in the way). By knowing and excepting the process you will gain control. I know it sounds corny but, if you are in controll of your own emotions and let them do what they must, things have a natural way of moving forward. Once you have your baby in your arms all is truly forgot. Now get some rest:)


Lena - December 9

I'm in my 40th week, and I haven't been scared until I had this weird dream the other night. In it I didn't remember giving birth, because I totally freaked out, and got amnesia, because it was that bad. Now I'm kind of scared. I've read that when you are scared of it, your body won't go into labor as easy, so you might go overdue.



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