From Onset Of Contractions To Birth How Long

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Jacqueline - November 26

I would like to know how many hours all you mom's were in actual labour for... I mean from the first painful contraction to the time of birth??


Christine - November 29

With my first I was all natural...I started labor early in the morning but they were just a little stronger than braxton hicks..nothing real about 6pm that night they started to hurt...I went to the hospital and they broke my water while checking for dialation...thats when they really began to hurt...I had her at 11:28 that night...not too second I was induced and things were a little weird...I was in labor but had no pain for quite a while...hard labor with pain was about 2 or 3 hrs...good luck...


heather hunter - November 29

with my first child i was in labor for 17 hours.with my second i was in labor for just a couple of hours.


nicole - December 7

with my first i was in labor for 49 hours with my second i was in labor for 2 hours and my third i was in labor for 15 hours so it just dependes.


k - December 8

everyone tells me i am lucky because i wasn't in labor long. i started having contractions early evening sometime between 5 and 6 not real strong but small ones.they wheren't real strong until almost 7 at 8 my water broke and just before midnight at 11:58 my son was born.


Pam - December 11

I was induced both times, not to be recommended as contractions much more painful! Baby number 1- total time for everything including delivery of placenta- 4 hours Baby number 2- 1 hour!! Disadvantages of short labour, no time for any pain relief! NONE! Definations of labour differ between professionals, some take form your first contraction some from full dilation. Maybe that's why you hear stories of people being in labour for a week! Good luck to all ,the time melts away and seems insignificant when you see the baby.


Lisa - December 16

As you can see, ever labour is different, mine varied from 5 hours down to about 1 hour from the first 'painful' contraction. Try to relax as best you can and don't feel too anxious about the final delivery. Do whatever you can to take your mind off it.



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