From What Week Is It Safe To Have Your Baby In

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sam - May 15

Hi there wondering if someone can help me with this one, ijust wanted to clarify that since a complete pregnancy is 40 weeks , since when it is safe to have ur baby i mean is it ok if u have it in u 35 or 36th week o it shouuld complete 40 weeks. Please help if anyone knows


AJ - May 15

37 weeks is considered "Full-Term" They say baby is fully developed by then. SO 35-36 weeks is NOT a good time to go into labor. You want your baby as healthy and developed as possible :)


Sabrina - May 16

I have been told that a baby has an excellent chance of servival at 36 weeks. Anything before 37 is premature. Babies born after 34 weeks, although premature, have a good chance. 37 is the earliest though.


Marie Anne - June 9

I think after 37 weeks although I have seen cases that survive like after 34 weeks. But as long as it is over 5.5 pounds, everything should be okey.


SweetNurse - June 9

Babies can survive as early as 23 or 24 weeks gestation, but can suffer long term problems. As each week goes by the chance of survival goes up. Drs tend to worry less after week 36. While a baby born at 34 weeks has a 99 percent chance of survival, it would need to spend time in the NICU or special care unit. Most born at that gestation have immature lungs and may have trouble regulating body temperature and feeding. It's best to hope that baby comes 38 weeks or later. After that point, it's more than likely that baby is fully mature and ready for the world. 37 weeks is term, but some babies may have prematurity issues at that stage, some, but certainly not all.


Brenda - June 14

If your considering induction, I would go to 39 weeks. I was induced at 37 weeks, due to low amniotic fluid, with my first baby, and even though she weighed 5 lbs 7 ozs, she had some complications. She was ventilated for a day, then on a nasal canulla for a month. Second baby was also induced due to low fluid at 37 weeks 3 days. He was a healthy 6 lbs 9 ozs. No complications. Third baby ended in emergency c section at 33 weeks 5 days do to ruptured membranes. She was 4 lbs 6 ozs, but healthier than my first born. She was on oxygen for one day, and home in 10 days. You never know what to expect, so I would go 39 weeks just to be safe! Best of luck.


Jamie - June 16

A woman on another pregnancy board had her baby at 25 weeks - beautiful little girl, who is still doing just fine, and is nearly 2 months old. She's still in the NICU, because she's so small - but she's getting stronger every day, and they're 99% certain she WILL make it.


Mimoza - June 16

Generally week 37-38 baby is considered full term. But this depends from baby... I read about baby surviving born on week 25th...also baby no surviving borned at week all depends


anna - June 16

my sister had her baby when she was only 35 and 5 and her baby is just fine. she a little baby but everything is ok but think about it before you make your mind up



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