Genital Warts And Pregnant

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desi - February 12

Hello My name is desi and i'm freaking out i'm 20 and i have genital warts in the opening of my va___al. I am with an older guy and have been with only him for over a year now. He has no warts visible to the skin. Now that i've just found ot i'm pregnant my doctor has discovered that i have hpv and she says now i even have genital warts. I'm outraged if he has nothing how do i have something. We both are clean people. I shold know we are always together. The DR. says to wash it with soap and water but it only keeps getting worse and she says she'll cut them while i'm on the epidural. They are small bumps but there multiplying i'm so embarrased. I didi have a partner before but we were both virgins. How can i tell if my current b/f gave it to me? If not does that mean he has it now to? If so what wil happen if he never has a breakout and doesn't visit a DR.? Can these warts turn cancerous while not cured? Can i die while giving birth? Please help i'm a total wreck.


cindernar - February 12

If your other boyfriend was a virgin, I would think that your current boyfriend gave them to you. Just because he doesn't have any doesn't mean he doesn't have hpv. Having hpv doesn't mean you're not "clean." If you haven't had a pap smear, you need one to determine if you have abnormal cells. You'll probably have to have paps every 6 months to a year or so for a few years to make sure you don't get precancerous cells. Even if you get those, there is a pretty simple procedure they can do to get rid of them. I've never had it done, but a friend of mine did. The trick is catching it early enough. No, warts cannot make you die while giving birth. You might not be able to have a v____al delivery since you have warts now, though.


Tammy276 - February 12

Your doctor should be able to numb you up and burn them off now while you are pregnant.....there is no reason why they can't. I have a skin tag down there due to pregnancy and she was going to burn it off at one of my visits and I decided I would just wait until delivery since how it is just a skin tag....There are many different types of HPV, infact, hundreds!! Some cause cervical cancer and others cause warts.......The kind that causes warts does NOT cause cervical cancer and the kind that causes cervical cancer does NOT cause warts. Your boyfriend is obviously a carrier of the kind that causes warts but may have not had an outbreak, therefore wouldn't know that he is a carrier....The kind of HPV that causes cervical cancer has absolutely NO EFFECT on the male, therefore the male will never know if they are a carrier or not and there is no way to get tested for it........ So, your warts are NOT going to turn cancerous if not cured, but they could keep multiplying and invade further into your v____a which would cause you to not be able to have a v____al birth because you could pa__s it on to your child. And you are not going to die while giving birth because you have genital warts. HPV is one of the most common types of STD's out there. I have HPV, but it is the cancerous kind and had to have cells can go away on its own, or it may may not ever have another outbreak of warts or you may, there is no way of telling. How far along are you? I would talk to your doctor about wanting them removed now, before you deliver...that way you won't have to worry about the situation getting any worse.


desi - February 12

Thank you ladies. I'm two months pregnant. How long do you think it'll take for me to know whether or not there might be a chance of them disappearing. I've had them for about a month now. Do you think that there is anything that i can do on my own to help them go away?


Tammy276 - February 13

No, there is nothing you can do on your own to make them go away, you will have to talk with your doctor about removing them... sometimes there is a cream that can be used, but most often, they will burn them off. Good luck :)


cindernar - February 13

I don't think there's anything you can do to make them go away. You need to get medical attention for that. Good luck with everything.


Belle - February 13

I have skin tags as well and I got them after I got pregnant, for a moment I thought I had warts so I did a lot of research but but my doctor told me they were skin tags...she says they can be treated...I read a lot about having oils and creams for genital warts and if that doesn't help they can burn them should definatelly get your boyfriend to get tested...HPV is very common but a lot of men think that it doesn't affect them because when there's talk about HPV its usually directed to doctor told me to leave my skin tags, and if they get too uncomfortable shell remove them, but my mother had the same issue during her last pregnancy and hers went away on their own after she gave birth to my youngest sister...I noticed that I'm starting to have another skin tag under my armpit...I would talk to your boyfriend and get him tested for that and everything else too, good luck, I hope everything goes least you don't the dangerous HPV that causes cervical cancer...


Tammy276 - February 14

Belle - YOU CAN NOT BE TESTED FOR HPV!!!! Hpv cannot be detected in males, or females for that matter. The only type of HPV that can be tested for is the kind that causes cancer in woman, which is found out through having abnormal cells during a pap . A man cannot be tested for HPV and only knows he is a carrier if he gets warts.......and doesn't know ever if he is a carrier of the type that causes cancer in woman as that strand doesn't affect men at all......just as woman cannot be tested for the strand that causes warts and only knows she has them once there is an outbreak.


MichelleB - February 14

You should ask about having them burned off. It is very common, HPV. IF you do get them burned off. I asked my Dr about it with my first baby cause I had warts/HPV breakout about 8 years ago. She didnt even blink an eye. Unless there is a breakout at the time, I think you are safe. Good luck!


logansmom - February 14

I went in for a pap a few weeks before I found out that I was pregnant and when I went back to the dr. for the preg. test she told me that I had HPV that causes cancer. I was extremely upset because I have been with the same guy for 3 years. I know that he slept with one other girl while we were together and it was a year before I found out that I have HPV. But I had not had a pap done since right before he did it. My doctor just done regular pap's every 3 months during my pregnancy because the cancer grows faster when you are pregnant. She said that if it gets to high then she would burn it out but luckily it did not so she is going to take it out at my 6 week appointment. I'm not sure if my boyfriend got the HPV from that girl and gave it to me or not because when we got together neither of us were virgins but I had never had an abnormal pap until then, and I'm not sure how long it may take for it to show up in a pap but surely it doesn't take 3 years.


cindernar - February 15

Logansmom, I found this online: "...a well-functioning immune system does a great job keeping HPV in check until something in their life triggers an eruption, often many years later." So it's possible that pregnancy triggered it. It sounds like HPV can be dormant for years. I have a weird situation in that about 12 years ago, I was "diagnosed" by my GP as having HPV. Later, when I actually started going to a gynecologist, he said that he thinks I was misdiagnosed, and that I only had skin tags. I don't know who to believe. My paps have all come back normal, so I'm hoping I'm out of the woods.


logansmom - February 16

Thanks that is interesting. Really to be quite honest I'm not to interested in where it came from I just want to get rid of it. My doctor told me that there are 6 stages of cervical cancer and I am right in the middle. So I am 2 steps away from full b__wn cervical cancer. But they will take it out and then if it comes back when they check me again 6 months later then they will try another method of getting rid of it and if it still comes back then they will just keep getting rid of it until I am done having kids and then they will have to do a hysterectomy. But I am only 19 years old so that kinda sucks.


Tammy276 - February 16

logansmom, they told me the same thing about having a hysterectomy and I was only 22 when I found out I had cervical dysplasia. I was very upset because it was the FIRST pap I had ever had done and the results came back that I was one stage away from having full b__wn cervical cancer. I had LEEP procedure done to remove the abnormal cells and had to go back for (2) 6 month check ups and both came back negative!! Since then, I have not had any more problems and all of my paps have come back negative. It is a very hard thing to hear at such a young age, but know that it CAN go away on its own and you may never had another abnormal pap......, my doctor is no longer concerned about doing a hysterectomy on me.......unless in the future it occurs again and they can't get rid of it....I am now on baby #2!!



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