Gest Diab BIG Baby Don T Want CS

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utopia8302 - February 19

Hey girls. I have GD, and at 34 weeks the baby's weight was 7#4oz!! So the docs were very surprised, being that she was already 3# overweight! OB said that there's NO way he'll induce me with her being so big. He wants to do a c section at 39 weeks. I TOTALLY do not want a CS! So I asked him if he could induce me at 38 weeks, he said no. But if I went on my own, and started to go into labor early, that he would not stop it and we could try a va___al birth. I am currently 36 1/2 weeks, and really want her to come out on her own to avoid the CS. Does anyone have any suggestions? I know there are a few posts on here about Castor Oil-but that's not an option for me due to me not being able to even get the glass close to my mouth without puking! So please, any suggestions or support out there-would be helpful! I am at the end of my rope! I dont know what else to say to my OB!


expectingbaby1 - February 20

I did a whole lot of googling on this myself about a week ago, and still nothing has seemed to work for me but i'll pa__s on all i learned to you! I can't really tell you WHY all this stuff is supposed to work but I've just read on several different sites that these are the most popular techniques. Walking, walking, walking it supposed to push the baby down into the birthing ca___l and open your cervix, etc. S_x and stimulating your nipples, i don't really know what that does. Drinking raspberry leaf tea (a whole lot better tasting then castor oil, i'm sure!), and squating and rocking your body at the same time. These were peoples favorites and i'm sure you could find a lot more if you googled it! I also read though that none of these will help get labor started if you and your baby are not ready yet. So good luck!!


jazminesmom - February 21

I am feeling your pain, i pa__sed my GD tests but barely. i went for an ultrasound at 33weeks 5 days to see how big my boy is and he weighed 7lbs 1 oz. and the measurements were 2 weeks ahead. the dr. will problaly due another ultrasound at 36 weeks.and monitor the situation. well good luck to you


cors1wfe - February 21

utopia - I know that you don't want your birthplan just tossed aside but one of the reasons your doctor wants to do a c-section is because while larger babies are delivered quite often there is a chance for their shoulders to get stuck which can be a really scary ordeal - I say do what you can to go early if at all possible - then you won't have a giant baby...LOL - my last son was 9lb 4oz and my doctor told me that I most likely will be induced with my next baby because she could be over 10 pounds - he didnt' just jump to c-section though which confuses me about your doctor - dont' worry all will be fine either way



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