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leanna6900 - March 1

I'm 33 weeks and 5 days... I recently quit working due to doctors orders. Throughout this entire pregnancy I had only gained 2lbs so it was my doctors idea that I needed to hurry and quit. Ever since quitinG I've gained 11 1/2lbs.. My husband is int he army and they will be deploying soon. As of march 11, 2008 he will be in lousianna for training. Our biggest concern is getting me into labor on time.. Now our daughter is due April 14. We have both been researching ways to go into labor. And I've basically been reading the samething when the baby is ready.. blah blah blah.. I am a very pet_te person and I can't stretch anymore for her. I have been on bed rest ever since quiting because I have been spotting. Our first daughter, I was 14 days past due. I had to be induced and she was determined not to come out but eventually she did. She tore me pretty badly. I don't want to have to go through all that again. My next appt is not until March 26th. Is thier anything that I am missing that I need to be asking my midwife. Cause she hasn't even checked me at all to see if I have dilated or anything and I have been walking, s_x everything to start and she hasn't even checked. Its like you wait forever in the waiting room and they only sit down with you for 5 min at thats it... Please anyone... Advice...


Teddyfinch - March 2

you don't want to go into labour too soon. you need to let that baby finish growing. but have you tried curry? and my mother in law was told to (don't laugh...well ok you can) play with her nipples. apparently playing with your nipples stimulates uterine contractions.


cayingo - March 2

That's actually legit. The l&d nurses even suggest it as part of theinduction process, but you have to get downright vigorous and almost painful with them. I'm not talkingabout the sweet, loving touch of your dh. We havebeen trying LOTS of walking, s_x, and spicy food and NADA. I'm afrain what you are reading is true. All these suggestions willonly encourage labor IF BABY IS READY. Research has shown that the baby secretes a hormone from his pituatary gland that actually starts labor. So IF baby has done that and THEN you do one of the labor inducing suggestions it COULD help. All that being said, it really is in the best interest of your lo to stay in theri as long as needed. YOu don;'t want to risk a preterm birth and the consequences that can result thereof. GL!! If your dh is going to LA on March 11, how long is he expected to be gone if yo're due April 14? Any chance he get to come home for the birth if lo is early?


Dugan - March 2

They don't start checking until 36 weeks and even then it really doesn't matter what they find before your due date unless there is a problem. I am 38 weeks and I still only have ten minute appointments. They check me, but me being 3cm dialated has done nothing for me. Unfortunately your baby isn't ready!


Alirose - March 3

You are not even 34 weeks yet! If your baby were born now, she would probably have to spend time in the NICU bc she would be considered PRE TERM. Don't rush her! If there is no real medical reason to induce, no one should induce you this early. You need to be patient and wait it out for the health of your baby.


jaggers - March 4

Hi i'm on my 4th boy going on 39 wks and i have tried every-thing i'm almost 5cm and My doc stretched me twice yesterday was the second time and nothing beside's being sore,i've tried pine apple,s_x castrol oil,walking u name it i have done it.Mind u the nipple thing never heard it working.Hopefully this will be my last full week.


leanna6900 - March 4

I do belive that I have the god given sense that eh gave me to know that if I push to have our daughter now that I would be putting her life in danger. I also know that the safest time to want to deliver is when I hit my 38 week mark thank you very much. NICU is not where I would like for her to spend the first few eeks of her life. I am simply aslong what are some ways that I could help my body get reasy for labor.. Being that my husband deployment date was moved up as of friday andhis training date. His unit commander has instructed that this training is absolutely important and for no reason shall a soldier be called away. Which I think is bull. I am determined to have my husband at my side... I have been pretty down about that since I was advised of that... I have been doing some research and I have been reading a lot about castor oil. My mother sai dthat it worked for her with all of us... But I am just worried about the baby having a bowel movement and me running to teh bathroom every five min. I have also read that when the body is getting for labor that it automatically helps the body get rid of all its waste.. So does the castor oil help or should I let nature takes its course. Cause i ahve been honestly debating about whether I should take it o rnot when I hit my 39 week mark and after off course talking it over with my midwife...


Alirose - March 4

You can try every "trick" in the book to jump start labor but the honest truth is that if you are not ready to go into labor, nothing will work. Castor oil will only make you have severe diarrhea and could dehydrate you. IMO, you should relax and let nature do what it does best. The stress you are putting on yourself with all of this is only going to prolong things (and it's not good for the baby for mom to be stressed!)



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