Going Into Labor While At Work

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coco797 - November 21

I plan to work right up until I give birth. Lately I've been worried about going into labor at work, especially having my water break while in the office. Does anyone know what the odds are of spontaneously going into labor at work? I've known a few ladies that worked up until they gave birth, and they all seem to go into labor either ont the weekend or at night. (Sorry, I know this is a weird question, maybe not even a question that can be answered but it's been bothering me)


captainswife - November 24

we're pregnant...we're allowed to ask "weird questions" lol. Oddly enough most women I know have gone into labor at night as well. Almost all of them in fact. However, if you're concerned about your water breaking while in the office you could always wear a bit of protection to limit the attention if it did happen.


Faye84 - November 27

omg i know what you mean. I worked up until i went into labor. I was SO scared of that happening to. I didnt care if I had contractions But the water breaking would be embarrising. Ive read that only 10% of womens water actually break..so you cant take a breathe there. I got lucky my water broke on a sunday night lol. My advise for you IF your water does break is, have some sweats handy at work AND a towel to keep in between your legs. Not as much comes out as you think... yes a big gush but it wouldnt make a HUGE mess. and you can tell right before it breaks. so you would have time to grab a towel. ( as long as its sitting by you!) and be prepared for water to always come gushing out. its gross.


spamanda - December 1

My doc stripped my membranes on a wed. I was about 2.5 cm and mostly effaced, and almost a week late. She told me to call my work and tell them I was starting my maternity leave, lol. I spent the afternoon walking and walking, had contractions all night and some bleeding. The next day they did a fetal non-stress test (cause I REALLY didn't want to be induced). That night (thurs) I went into the hospital with contractions 5 min. apart. The moral of my story is -- most of the time you have some sort of warning, or a doc who will tell you to stop working. Most women are really uncomfortable the day before they actually go into labor. And if you're that far along and not feeling well, maybe you should stay home since that might be "it." Good luck to you! ~spam



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