Gross But Gotta Know

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Jeria - June 15

Has anyone passed loud gas in the delivery room??To me that would be worse than least thats quiet!!!!!


Christina - June 15

I totally agree with you!! I was wondering the exact same thing, glad you asked! Although, I would rather not do either, I think I would rather poop!


ree - June 15

That would be bad!!!! I am worried about the way I may act or what I might say if I choose to receive pain meds. Until I am actually in delivery I don't know what I am going to choose to do. But I remember a girl saying the other day that she talked about blueberries. Hope noone is around that ticks me off.....medicated might make it hard to keep your mouth shut!!!!!


Jeria - June 15

anyone else???


lilmum - June 15

i had a c-sec, but i wanted to share a story.. my friend had her baby 2 months ago, and i had watched the video of her delivery shortly after she got home. She had a mirror to watch the baby coming out (she said that was GREAT), but one of the nurses actually said (and i kid you not word for word) "oh my god, look at how big your a__s is!". another friend had a nurse comment on the size of her hemerroid. I think as long as no one said anything, i wouldn't be that embarra__sed, but if they pointed it out and make sure EVERYONE is looking, i'd be mortified!


Bridget - June 15

My friend did in labor. With an epidural you really can't control that.


Kay - June 16

oh no something i had not thought about!!!!!!and lilmums story really scares me...


as - June 16

my sisyer got her epadural and she was num and not olny did she fart she also pooped on her self right before the doctor checked her cirvix


Toya - June 17

When you feel that baby crowning, you will not care!


nicole - June 17

believe me once your at that stage u dont care whats coming out of what hole.


wenling - June 18

when i was pushing, my beloved HUSBAnd HAD O BE THE ONE TO COMMENT!! was so annoyed. but really, at that time i didn't care. there's just too much to do. plus i had the enema so even when no poop came out, your rectum might. Just think of seeing your beautiful baby and every thing is worth it!


Ash - June 18

I did! It was because of the epideral. Everytime the nurse came to change my dressings and she moved me I pa__sed gas! I was so embarrased!


Lesley - June 19

As you are pushing your baby out something keeps your bowels closed. Not sure what exactly, but there is still a chance of something being there. Not a masive one just a little bit. I di with my first baby but not my 2nd. As I was giving birth to my 2nd she had done a poo and all the midwives were getting excited. I cant recall letting out gas. I don't think its one of them things that you remember, or care about when the time comes.


tina - June 19

my sister did w/ 2 of her 3 babies while pushing i don't think it's in our control


B - June 29

Thats a great question...Ive never thought about that, but I agree with you too...I would be so humiliated!!! I hope neither happens...ahhhh.


Amanda - July 6

Everyone that i know have told me that they did poop while giving birth and they said at the time you really dont care. Ive been a little worried about it to, but im sure when the time comes i wont be embarra__sed whatsoever!


Jenn - July 11

Those nurses have seen worse so who cares!!! Just think of it in this way....I am not the first and I will not be the last.



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