Had My Baby

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Mariela - January 19

Just had my baby on sunday!! she is soo pretty, just wanted to share my birth story with u guys, well on sunday like at 3am i started getting menstrual cramps, but ive gotten them before so i thought it was nothing, so then i went to sleep but kept waking up cuz it would hurt a little. So i finally got up at 10 am and took a warm shower but by then those mentrual cramps kept comming and going, i wasnt sure if this was labor cuz this is my first child and i just thought ur whole stomach had to hurt for it to be a contraction so i didnt pay attention to it, and i went to lay down, but the pain kept comming and going every like 4-5 minutes so i called my friend and told her and shes like "OMG u need to go the hospital",,, i was hesitent cuz i didnt want to go and then it be nothing and then have to go back home, but i went, i got there at like 1:45. They checked me and i was 4cm dialted, i was like WHAT??? So i guess i then started to freak out a little, the reality of giving birth and me actually becoming a mother soon hit me. Around 5 they checked me and i was 5cm, they broke my water and then i was 7cm, but then i swear the pain was soooo bad, i couldnt take it, i wanted to go without the epidural and without anything but i jsut couldnt, i was screaming and crying i really coudlnt take the pain anymore. Well after 7cm they gave me epidural but it didnt work. I still kept having strong pains and so they gave me another dose. But still I felt a lot of pain and so they gave me something else, dont know what it was but it worked, by then i had to start pushing and whatever they gave me worked in like 2 minutes. I pushed for like an hour and didnt feel anything, at 8:38pm on Sunday January 16, my baby Ariana was born, i tore a lot and they had to st_tch me up!!! I was so glad this was all over,, my baby is ssooo cute i cant believe she came out of me.....Well ladies just wanted to share my story with u guys, o and to someone that asked about swelling after labor, i did swell a bit afterwards but it went away the next day. I swelled from my legs and arms, dont know y but it went away.


Jamie - January 19

Congrats, it gives me hope that I will go soon. I am having tons of pressure, "menstrual like cramps" for a day now.I stand up and feel like the baby is going to shoot out my bottom. Make sure you take care of yourself. The thing I regret the most after I had my first child was not taking the time to take care of myself. SOAK it up, it will be the a long time til you rest good again. This time, I am going to soak it up. GEt PAMPERED GIRL! Its your time.


Hi Mariela - January 19

Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you!! I am also a 1st timer and I am scared to death! I am currently 5 1/2 mths. I do hope to have natural labor bur I know that I will ask for pain meds cuz I am a wuss when it comes to pain. I am so glad that you shared your story. I feel a little better about what to expect but I am still scared (yikes). BTW, Ariana is a beautiful name! I just found out Jan 4th that we are having a baby girl also. She has the weirdest name in the history of names, lol....Heavenly Graciela. I have to be original. Good luck with the little one and keep us updated!!


Christine - January 21

Congrats...wish you all luck


c - January 22

first and foremost... congratulations! when you said the pain was "unbearable" what did it feel like - can you compare it to anything? I really want to have a natural childbirth fo rmany reasons... but I am SCARED. can you clue me in?


m_biling - November 9

Hi, I gave birth to a baby boy July,23,2006 after 2 days in labor. My labor was forced because I had hypertension and my bp was very high. Needless to say it was a natural v____al delivery. They gave me a epidural when I was 7 cm dialated and they forgot the fusion so I was laying there with pain shooting up and down my back, body shaking pretty badly never felt anything like it. But I might have to go through it again because I think im preggie again. If so, than here we go again. Im def not going back to that hospital though, bad exp. lol. Anyways, hes a happy bouncy giggling boy, barely cries and extremely active, he even sleeps through the night. God sent me such an angel. I love babies....baby dust to all...Goodluck! Just take all the meds they give u..lol.


Elanasnewmom - November 9

Congrats!! I just found out I am dilating and her head is right down there, he said he could feel it. I am so happy for you! Wish you all the best!!



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