Had My Beautiful Baby And Having Problems With Baby Blues

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CassJ - July 2

I had a beautiful baby four days ago and i am so happy about him but i am crying all the time and so worried about my husband going back to work tomm. Has anyone else had this? I am just sad but i have nothing to be sad about. I have everything. Please let me know because i need some help.


numba1cutie6t9 - July 2

totally normal. YOur going to feel overwelmed for a few weeks. They cant determine whether its post pardom deprression till after 3 weeks. Hang in there. Its normal and it gets easier.


jas - July 3

Take one day at a time. What you are going through is totally normal. My baby is three months old and I still cry every now and then. When he was first born, I cried several times a day. When he was 5 weeks old, my dh had to leave for a week.. Talk about being MISERABLE! I cried like he was never coming back! It was terrible! Just keep as busy as you can and know that we are here for you. It does get better as the days and weeks pa__s.


Been There - July 3

Your life just took a tremendous change. Of course it's overwhelming. You have this new person in your life who totally depends on you. It's a lot of pressure, especially when you feel like you'll be on your own. I think I remember reading a possible sign of post-partum depression is even not wanting to deal with the baby. But it doesn't sound like you feel that way. So you're probably just emotional about this big change. I'm on my third kid and there are days now (still pregnant) when I worry or think I've done something wrong by even being pregnant and I start to panic. I feel anxious for absolutely no reason and, although I know it, I just can't help feeling this way at times. Focus on the baby, but try to find ways for you to do some things you enjoy. You still need time for yourself. Keep coming to the board and talking. If you don't improve or feel a little better after 3 weeks have pa__sed, like Numba1cutie says, then you may want to discuss how you feel with your doctor.


jnine29 - July 6

yeah its ok but if it goes longer then 3 months you will need to see a dr about it



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