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Jade - September 7

I am 34 weeks pregnant and this is my first pregnancy, I am aware that va___al discharge is normal, but I am wondering if it is normal for me to be constantly leaking a watery like fluid that smells sweet it doesn't smell like urine or my normal discharge, is my water leaking what should i do?


portia - September 25

You know Jade I am not sure. You see pretty much the same thing is happening to me. I am now going on 34 weeks pregnant and today I experienced a big gush of watery liquid coming out of my v____a about 2 minutes after urinating. It was cloudy and very watery. It didn't have a smell. So the rest of the day I have been letting out little small drips of the same liquid. I haven't had too many contractions today but I am not feeling my usual self either. I really do not feel well at all and I am very very tired out of the ordinary. Could I be going into labor and has my water broken also?


SweetnSa__sy - September 26

That is Ambiotic fluid and you should not be leaking that. Head to the hosipital ASAP and have them find out what is going on.


moe moe - December 5

i have been having the same thing and i feel stupid going to the hospital if its not that.. i also keep getting really bad back pains i am 36 an half weeks the fluid is clear well little cloudy . but its not gushing it only makes my under wear wet or if i wipe its on my hand but not gushing out if any one know s anything let me know


to moe moe - December 8

if this is still going on and you haven't checked it out you should its better to be safe then sorry. and don't feel stupid about going to the hospital when your pregnant its always better to get checked out to make sure everything is ok


moe moe - December 8

hey i did go to the hospital and it wasnt that i am having contractions and i am not dilating i cant take it any more he said i could go any time


to moe moe - December 8

all you can do is wait it out now some women are in labor for days. my mom was in labor for 5 days with my brother and everyone tells me that i'm luck because it only took 4 hours after my waterbroke for my son to be born. best to luck to you and hope your baby comes soon for you



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