Has Your Water Broke Without Doctor

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KellynJ - June 6

Can your water break and just leak just once.. or is it a big gush?


Athom - June 6

It can break with a big gush or a slow leak... but it will keep leaking until the baby is born. Thats what I've heard.. I'm not a dr or anything. :)


Bonnie - June 6

It can also leak once, mine did. But since I was not leaking anymore they sent me home. A week later it broke again the same way, in a leak. But this time it keps leaking every minute or so and didn;t stop for hours. That time they induced me.


starr - June 6

With my second son, my water broke at home and was a slow steady leak. After awhile it stopped, so I guess that was the end of it b/c at the hosp. I was up and walking around,going to the BR and nothing was leaking anymore so everybody's different.


SusanS - June 9

I was only 1.5 cm dialated and had my water break. I actually thought I had an accident. For me, it was not a gush, it was more like leaking. When I went to my OBGYN she said that the babies head kind of served as a plug and therefore I did not exoerience the gushing that many talk about. If you're suspicious, go and check yourself out. It is very important that you are seen once your water breaks because you become more susceptible to infection due to the exposed membranes. Good Luck!


Daniella - June 9

I woke up at 5am to go to the bathroom and get a gla__s of milk.. well, as I was walkind down the stairs to the kitchen after I already went to the bathroom, I felt a little drip down my leg. First I thought maybe I didn't wipe all the way and went back to the bathroom to wipe more. It still seems a bit wet but nothing WAY to out of the norm. to make me think it was my water bag. I had my membranes sweeped 2 days before so I thought that maybe it was the more of the mucus stuff since it wasn't going away and I realized it wasn't pee. It got a little more wet as the day went by. Finally after my shower at 9pm, it seemed to be a little odd to me so I called L&D and they said its probably just pee. I said, "no way" and they tried to tell me that it happens when you get to your due date.. I said again, "no, I did not pee myself" so, they told me to come in. Well, once we got to the hospital at 10pm a much more gush came out of me as I got to the bathroom there in L&D. It sounded like I just peed, but it was the water, not pee. Anyhow, they tested me with the indication paper and it turned bright blue and the doctor said, "good news, your not going home pregnant this time" At about 4am when they checked me, they broke my water. Well, another waterbag and another huge gush came out. So, sometimes there is actually water sacs and not just one. Its weird. Also, you can have a real slight leak and it can repair itself... but, if your dripping down your leg, etc. or it gets worse, it doesn't hurt to just have it checked. Very easy.



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