Have A Lot Of You Women Thrown Up During Labor

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alwaysamber - May 9

I have a horrible fear of vomiting. I am 15 weeks and just curious as to whether it is real common for women to throw up during the labor process.


CarolA - May 9

Ok, well this probably wont comfort you, but i puked the WHOLE time. The doctors said it was weird that and that normally doesn't happen. I used all of the rooms vomit socks (thats what they call them) I even had to stop pushing to throwup. And it was hard not to choke on it, because they had me laying down to push. But they said it was uncommon, so dont worry it probably wont happen to you.


willowwishfree - May 10

It's pretty common to experience some nausiea and vomiting during the transition stage of labor, but one good way of avoiding this is eating light foods (such as fruit, clear soups, juice and salad) the days leading up to and on the day of delivery (which is hard for some women, as the onset of labor can come fast and without warning). If you get sick easily, I would suggest obstaining from solids (but not all sustinance) completly once you suspect that your in labor, and just drink juice and broth for energy.


AppleCake - May 10

I puked once at the very beginning (of labour), and again after it was all over. The midwives told me it was because of the drugs I had though.


Bee99 - May 10

Iv had three kids and am due with no 4 19may I felt sick every time and with the second I threw up so hard my nose bled out of control. I was told its not common but can happen.


Chelle - May 10

I had a c-section and I threw up while I was on the operation table. My anistesiologist said it happens sometimes and it was probably from the medication.


alwaysamber - May 10

Well I never even threw-up during morning sickness. Its is really rare for me to throw-up. I can't remember the last time I got sick. Not sure why it is such a fear. I have a very strong stomach.


Steph - May 10

I threw up when I got to the hospital. My doctor said it was my body's way of cleaning itself out before I had my baby. I only threw up once and felt fine after that.


alwaysamber - May 10

Well all of you have thrown-up so does that mean you threw-up with morning sickness also?


Bee99 - May 10

No I did not have morning sickness with first 3 but this 1 I did.


Chelle - May 10

I didn't really have morning sickness. I felt nauseous a few times but I never threw up.


Jilloh - May 10

I threw up twice. Although, I was induced and was not allowed to eat after a certain hour. So when my body did its transisitions I vomited. No big deal nothing to be embara__sed about they cleaned me up and I carried on


mom42 - May 10

I threw up with my first labor (and it relieved all my nausea). and didn't with my second. With morning sickness, it was mostly nausea, but I made myself throw up some (yup, with a toothbrush) to try to relieve the morning sickness nausea.


falafal0 - May 11

I threw up only once during my three labours (now pregnant with our fourth). It was with my first child. Actually, it was more at the beginning of labour, once I'd gotten to the hopsital and I was given an internal (the only time I was given an inernal to check at all because it was my first labour, which lasted 5 and a half hours, the others were too fast and they didn't need to...) and was told I needed to be having a contraction for her to feel how dialated I was. When she checked me, I actually felt her hand and whatever the hl she did to me OVER the pain of the contraction, which was severe. I told my DH I was going to throw up, which in 4 seconds I did, mostly leaning over him to do it because he was next to my head because there wasn't a bucket or anything that close by to grab. It's the only time I've thrown up during labour, and to this day, nearly 10 years lasater, still recall the pain and the intensity of whatever she did wrong. You should beok, so many different example from different women. YOu'll basically have to wait until you go through it.. Perhaps tell the nurses there, so they know how you feel, and can be ready if you feel anything...it's not embarra__sing to them, They'v seen it ALL.


alwaysamber - May 11

Thanks for all your replies althought not want I want to hear.:) I wont be imbara__sed about it it is just a HORRIBLE fear.


Bonnie - May 11

I threw up too. The epidural dropped my blood pressure a bit which causes nausea. I'm still glad I had the epi, but yeah...it's a little embarra__sing, lol. I almost threw up during my c-section as well but I mentioned I was nauseated and the anesthesiologist did something to stop it.


fasha12 - May 11

I guess I am the oddball out here, but I never threw up during labor. I had awful morning sickness throughout my whole pregnancy. I went from a 4 to a 10 in 45 minutes (without drugs, not my choice) and I never even felt nauseous. When I suspected I was in labor I didn't eat anything heavy. Just lots of liquids. Hope that helps.



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