Have My Waters Broken

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KB - July 4

I woke up this morning, rolled over in bed and felt a trickle, not a lot but enough for me to wonder whether it's my water breaking or not. I don't think it's urine because it doesn't smell. I don't have any contractions and I don't want to phone the hospital as I've already been in once with false labour! Anyone got any advice? This is my first baby and I'm not very sure what to do/expect!!


Chelsey - July 4

Did it just happen the once? Or is a continuous trickle? My water broke with my first baby, and it felt like I was constantly peeing my pants! (not lots, but enough to call it "continually") I didn't want to waste anyones time at the hospital, b/c, I felt that I probably was just losing control of my bladder, thanx to the babies pressure on it, and I didn't have any contractions. I waited about an hour, then decided to go for the "heck of it". It was definately my water breaking! However, with this pregnancy, whenever I blink, my bladder seems to let some pee go! How far along are you? If you do suspect that it may be your water that broke, I'd get my b___t into the hospital, to find out. Don't want to leave baby in there! Could cause a problem for baby! Dont worry about going to the hospital, they get paid, it's their job to take care of you and answer any questions or worries!


KB - July 4

Thanks for your response Chelsey, I did end up going to the hospital but they said it wasn't my waters. Don't know what it was though because as I said it didn't seem like urine to me. Oh well, maybe wishful thinking!! I'm 39 weeks by the way.


chelsey - July 4

I'm not too sure if I should say "Oh good", or "oh darn"! 39 weeks and you are probably getting pretty anxious! My water broke at 39 weeks and 4 days! Hopefully, that little one hasn't decided to stay in there for tooooo much longer! S/he should be arriving very soon! Yay! Let us all know how it goes, b/c I'm sure you'll be a Mommy any time now!



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