Heart Burn

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jennifer - March 21

I'm 8 months pregnant and have the worst heart burn ever tried everything anyone have any suggestions.


Michelle - March 21

I have very bad heartburn and will wake up all night long with it eating Tums. Recently I tried Pepcid AC and it works all night. Now I just wake up all night long for other reasons but at least no Heartburn!!


Angel - March 21

I'm 39wks, 6days. And have had heartburn since the day I found out I was pregnant (or at least close to). I take Tums when I need a quick fix, same with drinking milk (which you can never get too much of). The most efficient way is to watch what foods you eat that seem to kick it off... such as OJ, spicy foods, and hot dogs/pizza. They are the worst culprits for me. Otherwise, it's mostly a waiting game. My doctor said that for most, it disappears after delivery, since most of the time it's acid reflux that's bothersome from what little space we have left in our middles. Enjoy your pregnancy! Heartburn will be gone when your little bundle arrives! It's all worth it anyhow! Enjoy you're


kashi - March 22

i usually drink some cold soymilk, it seems to cool things down and after a few minutes the heartburn is gone. i just hate it when it starts when i'm out somewhere! then i just run to the closest store and get me a pack of soymilk! otherwise i'll die!


misty - May 13

I have had heartburn from day one thats how i know i am pregnant . Its happened the same way with my other 2 girls now im having a boy and the only thing that works is that ZANTAC 150 its stronger then pepcid


B - June 29

Zantac is a life saver!!!!


P - June 29

I had awful heartburn when I was pregnant. This sounds too good to be true but take 3-5 almonds and suck them one at a time until the skin comes off, chew and swallow. Let me know if you try it and how it worked for you okay?


P - June 29

Oops, old post. I guess I should have checked the dates first... lol


Angela Alvarado - July 20

I'm 6 wks pregnant and experiencing burning cencation in my stomach is that concedered heartburn



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