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Sarah - July 31

hi i am 14 and pregnant my due date is coming up soon could any one tell me wat to do during labor and how to put your legs when you push


a Doula - July 31

Sarah, how are you?? just stay as relax as possible during labor. I would squatt. Trust me it helps. But trust your body. Do what it tells you to do. When are you due?? Congrats!!! Good luck


michelle - August 2

I know how you feel. I am due Aug 4th. I am 25 and this is my 3rd child but he was 17 and did not want kids. We were together and I was on BC and poof a baby girl on the way. Now he is 18 and real excited about it. I know how the age thing is. I was 14 when I had my first. Take care and grab your knees and push like you have to poop. Good luck and I hope mine gets here soon.


Anne - August 2

Oh my God. Michelle.... what does a 25 year old woman possibly see in a 17 year old boy? And did you know that's also illegal? There are women like you all over the news going to jail for that stuff. You're nasty.


michelle - August 2

Well anne. Where I live the age thing was not a problem. We were right in the guidelines. We had been friends for several years and have been together for almost a year now. I would not change dating him for the world. I have dated men my age my whole life and I have been beaten and almost killed. He is so wonderful to me. He respects me for who I am and has done nothing but whatever he can for me. I have found that dating someone who is younger to be for the better. So eat that. and if you want to bash me...at least I am not 40 something dating a 13 yr old like the people in jail on the tv. I knew my limits and we both wanted to be in a relationship. so I think as long as no one was hurt...SHUT UP!!!


Anne - August 2

Michelle.... that's the biggest crock of c___p I've ever heard. lol.


anna - August 2

hey anne stop being a b___h just because you dont have any 1 who loves you, you think that being a b___h helps but guess what everyone just ends up hating you. i just had a baby and im 16 and my boyfriend is 21 and i love it!!!!!! more power to michelle and sarah i hope everything comes out ok for you. i cant really help you on your ? cuz i had a c*section.


Anna - August 2

People like you are a burden to society


It sarah - August 3

hey guys my water just broke and me and im headed to the hospital:)gosh contractions hurt sooooooooo bad


a Doula - August 4

Congrats Sarah!!!!!!!!!!! im soooooo proud of you. Just stay as relaxed as possible. Your going do to great. You are going to be a great mother!!!! Remember do what your body tells you to do!! trust your body Good luck


Sarahs BF - August 4

hey guys sarah and the baby r doing great sarah doesnt want me to tell u anything about the baby she wants to


A Doula - August 5

Congrats sarah's BF!!!!!! your a daddy now!!!! Congrats!!!!! Good luck!!


sarahs bf - August 5

im headed 2 da hospital today cuz sarah might be going home 2day but i dont know cuz she hasnt been feeling good lately but she cant wait 2 talk 2 you


Its sarah - August 5

i had a baby girl!!!!:) she is sooooo cute thank u guys for all your help the pain was soooo worth it her name is Alexa Anne Alexa is my mothers name and Anne was my grandmothers thank u soo much for your help Luv ya Sarah


Carrie - August 5

Congrats Sarah, I am going in on Monday to be induced and hopefully hubby and I have a girl but any baby is fine its taken us 6 yrs so we r getting really excited. Take care


its sarah again - August 5

oh i couldnt get an epidural cuz this is sooo weird but i didnt make it to the hospital on time on our way there i had the baby it hurt sooooooo much my bfs mom called an ambulence that is going to be somthing im going to remember 4ever



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