Help Me Turn Breech Baby

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abbynmonique - April 3

hi, im 36 weeks pregnant this week and at 32 weeks they said my baby was breech, i didnt worry as it was early days but yesterday they said it still was and sort of more sideways breech to,. I think it has been in this position for most of my pregnancy ,i always thought it was the bum high up in my tummy. now im starting to get worried it wont turn, i was really looking forward to having a natural birth, and trying it without an epidural.. my first baby left me bedridden during labour because of the epi and im terrified of having another, especially for a c-section... it gave me bad back aches ... will she turn by herself?? what are the chances??


LW - April 3

Ok, I may sound like a total weiner but... a friend of mine had a baby a little over a year ago and he was breech at 37 weeks. She was told by a friend to sit "upside down" on the couch. As in put your feet up where your head should be and your head where your legs go (I hope that makes sense) she said 45 minutes later, lo and behold, the baby turned head down. Now, I have no idea if this is just something that would have happened to her either way or if it worked out because she sat all wierd. I can't imagine that it would be terrible comfortable, and, Also, I am not a doctor by any stretch of the imagination! So take this with a grain of salt. BUT... you never know!! Either way, best of luck!! I'll cross my fingers for you!


abbynmonique - April 3

thanks LW , i have heard that before so im going to get cracking and see if i can move her before fridays ultrasound,,its good to know it has actually worked for someone at this stage of pregnancy oxoxo


ClaireSy - April 4

If you are really keen for a v____al delivery and not a c section make sure your MD knows that .In my experience many docs will just do a c section for breech. Mabe you may want to consider asking if the doc can do an external cephaic version, where the doc turns the baby for you. But they can ony do it if baby is not too low in the pelvis, so don't leave it too late to ask, if that is what you want.


corinne - April 4

Also try taking baths twice a day my baby was breech till I was 38 weeks pregnant I took two baths a day and walked about 1-2 miles every afternoon.


AppleCake - April 5

Apparently hypnosis has an amazing success rate for turning babies- It would also really help you to release your fears X


abbynmonique - April 9

well, baby turned before friday, i am so relieved, i tried most positions like on the couch with heaps of pillows under my hips but found when she did turn, i had waited till she was really active then i zipped down to the nearest heated pool and did somersaults and hand stands, also visualising her turning, talking to her and stroking my belly in a downward direction, i found as i did the somersaults i actually felt like i was the baby in utero and could imagin what she woud have to do to turn, as i was doing it i could feel the change and she turned!!


AppleCake - April 9

That's really interesting, from what I've read the hypnosis method centres around visualising your baby turning, and creating a mental connection to communicate with her also. Well done!



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