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Britney1166 - October 11

WORRIED!! Question and does all this sound correct? I am 30 years old and this will be my second child. The first one the doctor wanted to induce like right at my due date for no reason. But, he came naturally the night before. Now with the second one he wants to induce me again and I won't even be 40 weeks until Sunday or Monday and there are no problems. I have told him over and over I want to carry the full term. He has always said okay fine, good I agree. Yesterday he said I was getting around 3 centenmeters and still thick. Yet last time he said I was 75%, yesterday he said I was 50% and a few times before that he said I was 25%. If there is no reason to induce me I don't want it. And he is trying to scare me. I am upset and beginning to think he has me mixed up with someone else. Any ideas? Please! And he better not try it without me knowing. What do I watchout for etc.? TY


inuk-mama - October 12

Make sure he knows at each visit that you do not want to be induced. If there is no reason for it, he can't make you do it!


KiyanisMummy - October 13

hey...wat a knob of a doctor (excuse the expression) why wud he wanna induce u if there is no reason? if u feel comfortable seeing another doctor i would suggest getting a second opinion. it should b up 2 u..if there is no reason for u not 2 go naturally then he shud just leave u alone!


autumnsmommy - October 13

Don't let him mess with your cervix. Anything more than checking with the fingers for dialation. Some doctors will sc___pe the cervical membranes to bring on dialation and labor. They do it a lot at the local office here as a more natural induction before going to the meds.


mjvdec01 - October 13

just remember that it is never too late to get another doctor if this one makes you uncomfortable


TalinaF - October 14

Hello Britney, It’s unfortunate but, your situation is not uncommon. I will try to make this shorter than what I told a friend the other night. Unless there is a serious problem all journals and a__sociations are leaning towards naturally letting labor take place. This is due to statistics that have shown longer recovery times and problems. This is what you need to do. Number 1. Ask your doctor questions. Don’t be afraid as it is part of their job. If the doctor doesn’t have time to answer them or acts like it, I would consider changing doctors. It isn’t as hard as it sounds. Most insurance companies have no problem with this. And the new doctor’s office will be happy to do all the paperwork for you. After all that more money for them. There are doctors that in my opinion, taken on too many patients. I know I will get hit for this one. I hate to say it but like puppy mills. They have their money or think they do at this point. They think you won’t get a second opinion etc. So they want to induce. Get it done, make the money then wash up and go home. You did not mention if you had a husband. He could also be a resource and backbone to help you. If it is explained to him. Or he may be an outside influence trying to get the doctor to induce. At 3/50%. I would reject induction also. Like taking a soft plastic tube 3” long, 3” in diameter and pushing a stuffed animal that is 3 1/3” through it. Taking a thin flat sheet of the same material with a 3” hole and pushing the same animal through it. Which is going to be less stressful for the baby and mother? I wouldn’t induce until 42 weeks. Be sure and tell him/her each time you go in that you don’t even want the subject brought up until you are 42 weeks. And like autumnsmommy said watch what he does during your exams. If you feel pressure greater than normal and feel pain tell him to stop. This has happened as well. There are terms for it. Sweeping, sc___ping, ma__saging the membranes etc. This is when he/she inserts a finger or two into the cervix and starts separating the amniotic sac from the wall. This is not shown to be 100% effective. But, it may move things along and you don’t even know he did it. If he does it without consent you can file charges. Do a search for this on the internet. This can also be done with a catheter. He may also try inserting a suppository in you. This will have a prostaglandin agent. It will start the process of thinning etc as well. Or it could be given in pill form. Induction may not be as fast as the doctor may make it sound. It may even take three days or so. Which you will be in the hospital for. Not much fun. It’s a known fact also that medicine induced labor causes stronger and more prolonged painful labor. Think back to your first labor and imagine more pain. And then there is the unwarranted worry of,” what happens if it does not work right.” There are also risks of complications. Change in fetal heart rate, increased risk of infection to mother and child, uterine rupture, emergency c-sections and others. Also the pelvic exam is up to you. I tell all women to be informed. Research, research, research and ask questions. Stand your ground in what you believe in. Take your body back. After all it is your baby and your body. I hope this helps. You labor will happen and I wouldn’t worry until 42 weeks unless there is a problem. Everyone has given you sound advice. And it is never to last to change doctors if you are uncomfortable. You need to be comfortable with your doctor. The bottom line is,” is the risk of induction less than if you have it natural?” In your case with no problems as you said, you shouldn’t need it.



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