Helping Labour Start

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Tara - December 10

does anyone know anyways i can help bring on labour apart from s_x


Jen - December 16

Hey Tara,the best way u can drink some cod liver oil,it made me go into labor,just do not take too much its pretty powerful stuff,I had my baby #5 about 6hrs after drinking some,you can find it in health food store,


leanda - December 29

i'm wondering exactly the same!! i'm nearly 38 weeks and want this baby now!


Nikki - January 4

My midwife advised evening primrose oil. It comes in gel capsules like vitamin e. She advised me to swallow 2 at bedtime, to pee before inserting one near my cervix with a plastic applicator just before bed and to try not to get up for as long as possible after inserting the capsule. I'm not sure if this is what worked because the barometric pressure also dropped (it rained all day the next day) but all night I had contractions that kept waking me up, but I did manage to get a pretty good night's sleep. At 4:20 am my water broke and at 5:38 pm my daughter was born.


mamak - January 10

i start priod last Dec 2 but it did not show up now


linda - January 25

canu get pregnant if u just came off the pill two weeks after a bleedeng


malinda - April 13

tell me about it, i have been fighting preterm labor for over a month now, and now that i'm in the safe time to have my baby and it won't come i'm nearly 38 weeks and dialated between 5 and 6 cm and still nothing--i start contracting and then nothing. help i'm going crazy


smaher - August 22



mom of 4 - August 22

Ma__saging your ankles is said to be a good accupressure point to induce uterine contractions. So is nipple stimulation. Hope this helps.


sabrina smith - November 21

can u help me find some baby names for girls


[email protected] - February 11

how can i help get my labor started,, dont want to have s_x, but baby is ready


unknown - February 14

Linda, don't listen to dummy, obviousely that person never takes birth control. You can get pregnant on the pill as well as off if you dont take it right. even if you skip 1 day, you can get pregnant, and most woman don't know this but, if you should decide ( i know it sounds nasty, but some woman do it ) to have s_xual intercourse during a menstration, you can get pregnant. Even fresh after coming off the pill from menstration, you can get pregnant. the pills that you take when you are on the menstration part of your'e pack, are only sugar pills, not actual birth control pills. the only reason why they tell you to take the seperated colored ones, is so that you keep your self on track, so fresh off of a menstration, you arent as protected as you think you are. ok so some might think that i am a smarty pants, but i am the one with the degree for being a pharmacy technition. just thought you could use some accurate advise. Good luck sweetie.


khat - February 27

try drinking some codliver oil and orange juice then having a warm , not hot, bubble bath with lavender scent or burning lavender enscence...youlll be relaxed and it will be doing the job :)


Reneesmom - March 5

The day I first felt cramps, I decided to help labour along by going to the gym and walking on the treadmil for 30 minutes. I then went home started cleaning the house for a couple of hours, rested, and then went to the mall to do some more walking. Contractions came on strong in the mall, and dh and I went straight to the hospital from there. My baby was born 6 hours later, after 3 hours and 30 minutes of active labour.



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