Herpes Please Help

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Please help - October 12

Does anyone out there plan on having a va___al birth even though they have herpes? Of course not an active breakout. Any succesful vag births with herpes virus?


Renae - October 12

My friend has herpes and she is having a v____al birth. Her doctor put her on Valtrex a couple of weeks ago and she has to continue taking it until just after delivery to be sure her baby doesn't contract it.


j - October 15

hiya i've got herpes and i've been told its perfectly safe to give birth v____ally as long as your not having an active outbreak at the time of delivery,the royal college of obstetritions say its safe as well..hope this helps


nelly - October 15

my sis has that and they said she could have a v____al delivery as long as she was not having an outbreak.


K - October 15

hi, i plan on having a v____al birth and my doc put me on valtrex for my last one and for this one. Its OK for baby and you although they put you on it late in pregnancy usually. im 37 weeks. they will check you anyways before the birth...go to parents.com they have an interesting article on herpes and the different views of gyno and obstetricians now, it made me ask my doc questions about c-sec and vag birth...and im still vag birthing it..a__suming no active breakout. Good luck and dont worry, your body may surprise you and the "h" may lay low and not bother you. PS its more risk if you have just gotten herpes than if youve had it a long time..discuss with your doc


Georgia - October 16

I am on child 2 and have Herpes. Th e first, i was so young and impressionable, that some jerk doctor made me feel it was wrong to have the baby v____ally. I switched doctors! You will KNOW, if you have an outbreak, feels just like you cute you coochy while shaving, like a raw spot. so if YOU feel a lesion on your crotch, tell your doctor, and start the valtrex that day. If YOU don't feel a lesion, you doctor won't see one, so you know better than them. TRUST ME!! Oh and for anyone out there with herpes, I was having an outbreak about once a month until the end of my first pregnancy, and then i switched ONE routine, and havent had an outbreak in 5 years!!! I started going clean shaven between the legs. Without the (i mean this sincerely, not rudely) rfiction and funk of the pubic hair, or the irritation of stubble, my pores have tightened and guess what.....not one single outbreak!! I do still keep a 5 dose bottle of valtrex in the cabinet just in case, but no more than that or it will just expire and be wasted. Good luck with your delivery, I'm sure it will all go fine



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